President of Ukraine Zelensky made a statement regarding the plane crash, which also killed the Minister of Internal Affairs.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that an investigation had been launched into the crash of a helicopter that occurred this morning in the city of Brovary, Kyiv region.

Zelensky addressed the Ukrainian people with his daily video message, which he shared at night, and assessed the development of the Russian-Ukrainian war, which has been going on for about 11 months.

Noting that the most difficult conflicts continue in the Donbass, as they have recently, Zelensky said: “Donbass is the center of the most cruel and principled conflicts.”

Emphasizing the importance of arms support for Ukraine from partner countries, Zelensky said that Canada had also prepared an arms assistance package for his country. “I know that new and really necessary steps will be taken in the near future to support our defense,” Zelensky said.

14 killed, 25 injured in helicopter crash

In his speech, Zelensky recalled that the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrsky and his team were killed in a helicopter crash that occurred this morning in the city of Brovary, Kyiv region.

Claiming that a helicopter carrying Minister Monastyrsky and his aides had crashed on a school in Brovary, Zelensky said search and rescue operations on the spot took 9 hours. Zelensky said that 1 child was among those killed in the accident, and 11 children were among those injured.

Pointing out that an investigation into the accident had been launched, Zelenskiy said: “The SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) has opened a criminal investigation into this terrible incident.”

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