“It is impossible to forget,” Zelensky said in his address to the nation. It’s impossible to forgive. But you can win,” he said, praising the struggle of his country after the war that began on February 24, 2022. Zelensky said: “We woke up on February 24th. To another life. Like other people. Like other Ukrainians. We have seen who is who. We have seen what friends and enemies are capable of, and most importantly, what we can do. On February 24, millions of us made a choice. He displayed a blue and yellow flag rather than a white one. We didn’t run away, we gathered. We met the enemy, resisted and fought,” he said.


“We were stunned by the February 24 explosions,” Zelensky said. We were told that you had no choice but to give up. We say that we have no other choice but to win. We got over the panic. We did not run away, we united. We have overcome doubt, despair and fear. We believed in ourselves and in our strengths.”

Emphasizing that 2022 is not a “year of losses” for Ukraine, Zelensky said: “This year can be called a year of losses for Ukraine, for all of Europe and for the whole world. But this is wrong. We shouldn’t say this. We haven’t lost anything. It was taken from us. Ukraine did not lose its men and women, they were killed by the killers. Ukrainians did not lose their homes, they were destroyed by terrorists. We did not lose our lands, they were occupied by invaders. “The world has not lost the world, Russia has destroyed it,” he said.


Expressing his desire for 2023 to be a year of return for Ukraine, Zelenskiy continued his words as follows:

“Let this year be a year of return. The return of our people. The return of soldiers to their families. Let there be a return of prisoners to their homes, migrants to their Ukraine. The return of our land. Our temporarily occupied lands will be free forever. Return to normal life. Back to happy moments without a curfew. May there be a return to earthly joys without air raid sirens. Let what was stolen from us return.

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