Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the heaviest fighting in the ongoing war against Russia in his country took place in the cities of Bakhmut and Soledar in the Donetsk region.

Zelenskiy addressed the nation in his daily video message posted on his Telegram account.

Rating the recent clashes in the cities of Bakhmut and Soledar in the Donetsk region as “the hottest”, Zelensky said:

“In the Donetsk region, Bakhmut, Soledar (the situation here) is the hottest, the most painful now, as before. We are doing everything to help our children (Ukrainian soldiers) in this direction. Our heroes who hold the defense there, all deserve the greatest gratitude there.”


Recalling that on December 2, the EU countries agreed on a maximum price of $60 per barrel for oil transported from Russia by sea, Zelensky noted that this price should be further reduced.

Defending that the price of a barrel of Russian oil should be reduced to $30, Zelenskiy said they were not happy with yesterday’s decision.

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