President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky touched on the bloody war with Russia and said that civilians continue to die.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukrainians continue to die in the war, which has entered its 400th day. Addressing the Austrian National Assembly, Zelensky said that Russian troops had left mines and traps in areas from which they had to withdraw, resulting in the death or serious injury of civilians.

Speaking via videoconference at an extraordinary session of the Austrian National Assembly, Zelensky thanked Austria for its help and support.

Declaring that Ukrainian wounded from the helicopter crash and burnt body parts were being treated in hospitals in Vienna, Linz and Graz, Zelenskiy said he expressed gratitude to the Austrian people, especially Prime Minister Karl Nehammer.

Zelensky declared that today is the 400th day of the Russian-Ukrainian war and said: “Every day, without exception, we lose our people because of this war.” said.

Pointing out that the Ukrainian people died not only because of conflicts, there were also losses in the territories liberated from Russian troops, and the civilian population continued to die or be injured due to mines and similar traps left on the other hand, Zelensky said: “Mines were laid on 174 thousand square kilometers of Ukrainian land. These mines have not exploded yet, the area where the mines are laid corresponds to twice the surface area of ​​Austria. He said.

Volodymyr Zelensky stated that mines and traps remained in the regions from which the Russians were forced to retreat, mines were laid in fields such as fields and gardens, traps were placed in household equipment such as refrigerators, washing machines or in seats grenades, and that many Ukrainians lived like that. He told me that he had lost.

Declaring that, as Ukrainians, they do not intend to interfere in the internal affairs of any country or experience any kind of tension, Zelensky said: “We wanted security and peace, freedom and happiness in our land, in our home. We wanted the implementation of international agreements and resolutions guaranteeing the security and territorial integrity of societies. Is that too many requests? used phrases.

Noting that in March 2022 he came up with a peace proposal consisting of 10 specific points, Zelensky said: “What did Russia do against this proposal? Once again, we had to face lies, distractions, and pressure from the wrong side.” He said.

Inviting the speaker of the Assembly and other parliamentarians to better understand what is happening in his country, Zelenskiy concluded his speech by thanking all those who supported Ukraine, saying that neutrality will be military and geopolitical, but there will be no ethical neutrality.

Right-wing extremists PROTEST ZELENSKY

Meanwhile, representatives of the far-right Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), who said that Zelensky’s speech in parliament damaged the country’s neutrality, left parliament.

Protesting against Zelenskiy’s speech, the far-right left is displaying slogans of peace and neutrality in their seats in parliament.

The Austrian deputies, who took the floor after the speech of the Ukrainian leader, also reacted to the position of the far-right party, saying that “the PSE once again demonstrated with its position that it is a friend of Russia, and that the actions taken were carried out at the request of Moscow.”

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