Turkey was shocked by the news, which was recently shared in his column by the writer of the newspaper BirGün Timur Soykan! According to the news, Yusuf Zia Gumushel, one of the leading names in the Ismailaga community and founder of the community-affiliated Hiranur Foundation, “married off” his 6-year-old daughter H.K.G. for her 29-year-old student, Kadir Iskenderli, by arranging an imam wedding. This terrible violence continued for years. When HCG was 13 years old, the engagement took place, and when he was 14, the wedding took place! This horrific incident of abuse that has come to light in recent days has drawn great anger from millions of people and provoked their reaction. Especially on social media, millions of people have risen up against the abuse of a 6-year-old girl over the years. Here are the details of the horrendous violence that has continued over the years in the congregation…

HKG was born in 1998 in Istanbul.

His father, Yusuf Ziya Gumushel, was one of the leading figures in the Ismailag community. Allegedly, he addressed the parishioners as “Hokaefendi” and “Lord.” When HKG was 6 years old, she allegedly married a member of the community named Kadir Expired, 29 years old, by the power of her father! The HKG has been leading a terrible life since the age of 6 because of the people who caused and condoned this terrible violence.

Systematically abused since the age of 6, HKG was engaged to an abuser named Kadir Issisi when she was 13!

A year later, when HKG turned 14, the so-called wedding took place again! The systematic abuse of HKG came to light on August 17, 2012, 4 months after the alleged wedding. The doctor examining HKG realized that the child had been abused and immediately contacted the police. An investigation has been launched into this horrific incident.

HKG, whose testimony was taken as part of the investigation in 2012, was only 14 years old. In his statement, he said what his family remembered.


She stated that she was 17 years old and that she married of her own accord. His mother, Fatma Gumusel, was in order to prevent this horrific event from being revealed. On the other hand, the investigation was conducted in a strange way. For example, the HKG birth certificate should have been requested by the prosecutor’s office, but this did not happen. Another 21-year-old man had a MHC bone age test.

However, HKG stated that he was 17 years old, even if he was not. The fact that HKG’s bone age was 21 didn’t get anyone’s attention either! Thus, it was decided that there was no room for prosecution of the horrendous violence, and the case was closed. When HCG was 18 years old, she officially married an abuser named Kadir Vishli.

Realizing that the horrific events experienced were not a game, HKG filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office in 2020.

Her family and abuser, 6-year-old HCG, were told that the terrible things she went through were a game! However, HKG, which has suffered horrendous abuses over the years, went to the prosecutor’s office in 2020 and filed a complaint. His parents and Kadir Vishli denied their claims to the HKG. They claimed that the girl got married at 17, and not at 6! However, HKG revealed the horrific event with their evidence…

A 6-year-old boy in a so-called wedding dress and next to him is a 29-year-old man!


The greatest proof of the horrific events that the HKG endured were the photographs that the young woman presented to the prosecutor’s office, which caused shame and anger throughout Turkey. The indictment stated that his parents turned a blind eye to the abuse that continued for years. On the other hand, it was stated that Yusuf Zia Gumusel, Fatma Gumusel and Kadir Vishli committed the crime of “sexual abuse of children” in a chain. The prosecutor’s office demanded that the three defendants be sentenced to at least 27 years in prison for this horrific incident, during which a 6-year-old girl was abused for many years.

On the other hand, the Department of Family and Human Services announced its involvement in the case after this horrific event took place in the press. In a statement from the ministry, “A.and we, as the Ministry of Social Services, have been involved in a lawsuit filed with a claim of “qualified child sexual abuse” in the Istanbul 2nd High Criminal Court in Anatolia. The process will be closely monitored by our ministry, and the victim, as before, will be provided with all kinds of legal support.” statements have been included.

The systematic abuse of HKG over the years is also on the social media agenda.


Millions of people were rightly outraged and saddened by this chilling event. Many social media users have expressed anger and sadness over the horrific event on their social media accounts and reacted to the incident. Here are some of those reactions on social media…

















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