Countries in different geographic regions of the world are indeed home to some very interesting structures. However, there are regions in the world where it is extremely difficult to build such facilities. On the other hand, emerging technologies are quite successful in eliminating many of the impossibilities of the past! Modern time allows us to discover very interesting structures even in geography where life conditions are difficult. Of course, structures found in such situations are built with due regard for the difficulties of the geography in which they were built. Some of them seem almost a natural part of their geography. The Maraya Concert Hall, completed in Saudi Arabia in 2019, is one such structure!

Built in the desert in Saudi Arabia, this building is the largest mirrored building in the world. The facade of the building, which is a product of high technology, is completely covered with mirror panels! The building, which is covered with 9740 mirror panels, becomes part of the desert on which it is located at certain times of the day, almost invisible! Here’s what you need to know about the world’s largest mirror building, the Maraya Concert Hall.

In the city of El-Ula, Saudi Arabia, there are various historical and cultural artifacts from different civilizations, the origin of which dates back to ancient times.

Of course, the region also shares the common characteristics of Saudi Arabian geography. This is the birthplace of endless deserts. However, these difficult geographical and climatic conditions did not prevent the construction of one of the most interesting buildings of our time in the city of El-Ula.

In 2019, a rather interesting building was built in the city of El-Ula in the Medina area.

Developed in collaboration with Italian design firm Giò Forma Studio and Black Engineering, the project aimed to create a state-of-the-art concert hall in the middle of a deserted desert.

Two internationally renowned design, architecture and construction companies were able to take on this challenging project. This is how the Maraya Concert Hall was born.

The Maraya Concert Hall project was completed in a short period of 6 months.

The construction of the building took only 76 days.

concert hall maraya

The exterior of the concert hall consists of 9740 mirror panels.

Maraya Concert Hall, where art and technology blend perfectly, takes its name from these mirrors. Maraya in Arabic means “mirror” and “reflect”.

The Maraya Concert Hall holds the title of the largest mirrored building in the world.

concert hall maraya

In other words, the building, which was mainly built for various artistic events, especially concerts, is a work of art in itself! Of course, the erection of a building completely covered with mirror panels in the middle of a deserted and scorching desert is partly the result of some kind of necessity.

The Concert Hall is considered one of the most successful examples of “ground architecture” in the world.

concert hall maraya

Of course, this building was designed taking into account the peculiarities of the geography in which it was built. Mirrors don’t just reflect great views of the area. It also has to protect from the scorching desert sun! In addition, these mirrors, which completely cover the building from the outside, were specially made to protect against sunlight, sandstorms and other hardships of the desert climate. The Maraya Concert Hall is more than just an engineering marvel!

The architect of the building, Florian Boye, was impressed by the natural and cultural structure of the area when he first visited the region. He believed that nothing “visible” should be built so as not to disturb the natural structure.

concert hall maraya

Boye says that he believes that if something is to be built, it “should be quiet and invisible.” This idea of ​​the architect is the main reason for turning the Marai Concert Hall into a work of art in itself.

The concert hall is quiet and invisible, as its architect claimed!

concert hall maraya

So much so that it is not easy to notice the building at certain times of the day. Because the building, reflecting the majestic desert landscape in all its splendor, seems to be a natural element of geography, common in these periods as part of the vast desert …

Today the 500-seat Maraya Concert Hall hosts important artistic events.

concert hall maraya

From Andy Warhol exhibitions to concerts by artists such as Alicia Keys, Andrea Bocelli, Enrique Iglesias and John Legend, this extraordinary venue hosts a host of art events, with art lovers from all over the world.

In addition, the building is one of the top tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. A large number of visitors come here every year to see this incredible artifact up close…

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