Former US President Donald Trump said that some institutions in his country provoked World War III.

Former US President Donald Trump, arguing that there is a “pro-war” order in Washington, “3. “World War II has never been so close,” he said.

As part of the anniversary of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Trump posted a video on his official website titled “President Trump will fire warmongers and globalists who are chasing endless wars.”

“3. World War II has never been so close.” Trump argued that all “warmongers and globalists” in the Deep State, Department of Defense (Pentagon) and State Department should be purged from these institutions.

Trump said he was “the only president in a generation who didn’t start a war” and noted that he prevented conflict by overriding the advice of Washington bureaucrats.

Claiming that the US administration supported the uprisings in Ukraine in 2014, Trump said: “We have people like Victoria Nuland, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, who are obsessed with bringing Ukraine closer to NATO.” He said.

Trump said that these people have long pursued the conflict, as in Iraq, but none of them would justify the invasion of Ukraine a year ago. “If I were your president, this would never have happened.” Using this phrase, Trump emphasized the need to get rid of the “corrupt global order” that dominates US foreign policy.

Trump, who is a candidate in the 2024 presidential election, stressed that this order will change during his term. “With the right leadership, we can end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours,” Trump said. He said he would appoint officials who put the interests of the United States first.

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