The World Health Organization has made a statement about the monkeypox virus and announced that agreements are pending on a new name for the disease.

Three people familiar with the matter told Politico that the World Health Organization plans to rename Monkey Flower to MPOX.

The decision, expected to be announced today, follows an agreement reached by the WHO over the summer to consider proposals for a new name for the monkeypox virus.

WHO has traditionally acted as the global coordinator for public health issues, including the declaration of international health emergencies and the proposal of disease names, which were then adopted by individual countries.

But the Biden administration has said it is concerned that the name of the virus is adding to stigma, especially among people of color.

Public health experts also argue that the virus, named monkeypox when it was discovered in 1958, is resurrecting racist stereotypes about Africa and undermining the global response.

“In the context of the current global epidemic, the continued mention and naming of this virus as African is not only inaccurate, but also discriminatory and stigmatizing,” the team of scientists wrote in a joint statement released in June.

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