Member countries of the World Health Organization have agreed on how to deal with possible outbreaks that may occur in the future.

Member countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) have agreed on how to negotiate a global agreement on prevention, preparedness and response to this process.

According to a written statement from WHO, views on the draft pandemic agreement were exchanged at the fifth meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB), which includes 194 WHO countries.

Member States have agreed on a draft plan to be submitted to the World Health Assembly for approval in May 2024 and how the negotiations will proceed.

It was agreed that countries could submit additional written proposals by 22 April and combine them with other proposals into a package to be presented to the drafting group. INB will prepare a text based on all submissions by 22 May.

Dutchman Roland Dries, co-chair of the INB bureau, said: “The world recognizes the need for an agreement to help us not repeat the mistakes of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many constructive suggestions on the table on how to do this.” used the phrase.

Precious Matsoso, co-chair of INB’s South African bureau, said: “Countries from all over the world were able to discuss their ideas, concerns and proposals in a forum where all countries could hear and consider them.” gave his assessment.

In June, a new meeting of the INB project team is scheduled to continue negotiations.

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