FIFA held the first World Cup in 1930 in Uruguay. The tournament is held every four years, and the mascots representing the host countries add color to the World Cup. The first official mascot of the World Cup was created in England in 1966. This mascot was a lion named World Cup Willy. After Willy, animal figurines such as a lion, a dog, a rooster and a leopard were chosen as the official mascots of the World Cup. However, this habit was broken at this year’s World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. Instead of an animal figure, the goblet’s mascot was a flying character named “Laib”, created from traditional Qatari clothing. Laib means “super talented actor” in Arabic. So, without wasting time, let’s take a closer look at the World Cup mascots from the past to the present.

1. World Cup in England – World Cup by Willie (1966)

2. World Championship in Mexico – Juanito (1970)

World Cup mascots

3. World Cup in West Germany – “Tip and Tap” (1974)

World Cup mascots

4. World Cup in Argentina – Gauchito (1978)

5. World Cup in Spain – Naranjito (1982)

World Cup mascots

6. World Championship in Mexico – Piqué (1986)

7. World Cup in Italy – Chao (1990)

8. USA World Championship – Striker (1994)

World Cup mascots

9. World Cup in France – Footix (1998)

World Cup mascots

10. South Korea – World Cup in Japan – Ato, Kaz and Nick (2002)

World Cup mascots

11. World Championship in Germany – Goleo VI (2006)

12. World Cup in South Africa – Zakumi (2010)

World Cup mascots

13. World Cup in Brazil – Fuleco (2014)

14. World Cup in Russia – Zabivaka (2018)

World Cup mascots

15. World Cup in Qatar – Laib (2022)

World Cup mascots

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