Artificial intelligence is one of the most discussed and popular technologies of the recent period. Given the latest developments in this field, it is not difficult to predict that artificial intelligence will become something that will occupy an increasing place in human life. For example, an artificial intelligence chatbot called ChatGPT, developed by technology company Open AI, is already being used by millions of people. The new language model, called GPT-4, which the company recently introduced, is said to be much more successful than the old one. In short, artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important element of human life. In this regard, the founder of the technology giant Microsoft, Bill Gates, made a very remarkable statement.

The famous billionaire said that artificial intelligence is the most important technology of recent years. In addition, according to Gates, if artificial intelligence technologies continue to develop, doctors, teachers and white-collar workers may become a thing of the past. Let’s look at the details together.

Recently, artificial intelligence technologies continue to develop rapidly.

Various technology companies are hard at work improving the AI ​​applications they have created using various tools and methods. For example, an artificial intelligence chatbot called ChatGPT developed by Open AI has been very popular lately. Microsoft launched the Bing search engine based on artificial intelligence. Google is on the agenda with its artificial intelligence app called Bard.

In other words, the AI ​​race in the tech world has gained momentum lately. Thus, this competition also contributes to the incredible development of technology. Here is one of the big names in the world of technology, Microsoft founder, business man Bill Gates, made important statements about artificial intelligence technology.

In an article titled “The Age of Artificial Intelligence Has Begun,” Gates said that artificial intelligence is the most important technology in recent years.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates noted in his 7-page article on artificial intelligence that artificial intelligence has become as basic as the microprocessor, the personal computer, the Internet, and the mobile phone. However, Gates said that artificial intelligence will change the way people work, study, travel, receive medical care and communicate with each other.

According to Bill Gates, artificial intelligence is the most important technology to emerge since the advent of the graphical user interface.

What makes the famous billionaire think so is that artificial intelligence is an extremely useful technology in many different areas. This is why Bill Gates claims that artificial intelligence technology is the most important technology that mankind has dealt with since the advent of graphical user interface technology in the 1980s.

There are also some risks associated with artificial intelligence.

Bill Gates

In his article, Gates argues that artificial intelligence will greatly contribute to the development of human civilization. However, according to Gates, technology also carries some risks. Because artificial intelligence technologies can also be used by attackers.

What’s more dangerous is that over time, the AI ​​becomes super-intelligent or powerful AI that can create its own goals, i.e. out of control! The world-famous businessman is calling on governments to cooperate with the AI ​​industry because of these AI-related risky situations.

Bill Gates believes that in the future artificial intelligence can be used in various areas of business.

Bill Gates

In an article he published on his personal website, Gates outlined his thoughts on how artificial intelligence can be used as a tool to increase productivity and how it can help reduce global inequalities in the workplace, healthcare and education.

At the moment, Gates defines artificial intelligence as “white collar, ready to help you with various tasks.” In other words, artificial intelligence will become an integral part of everyday life, and it can be used in many other areas as existing technological applications are integrated. In fact, human life will also change significantly with the advent of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence will be able to perform many tasks in the field of healthcare and education.

Bill Gates

While stating that artificial intelligence is vital to these two areas, Gates states that we may see more artificial intelligence in education and healthcare in the near future. Gates says that people in poor countries, especially those without access to health care and education, can overcome this problem with the help of artificial intelligence technologies.

In other words, artificial intelligence in some way can become both a doctor and a teacher in the future. Even if it is used as an auxiliary element in these two important areas, first of all, with the development of technology, artificial intelligence can become a main element in the field of healthcare and education.

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