The news of the arrest of former US President Donald Trump shocked the world press.

Former US President Donald Trump said he would be arrested today for an alleged fee to silence porn star Stormy Daniels. As Trump supporters took to the streets, the country was on alert for possible clashes between Trump supporters and opponents. However, if Trump is arrested, he will become the first former US president to be charged with a crime and will be flown to New York from his home in Florida.

Former US President Donald Trump said in a post on his own social media platform Truth Social that he is awaiting arrest today. The 76-year-old politician urged the authorities to protest if his supporters were detained and charged.

Trump supporters today began gathering outside Trump’s home in Florida, in front of the Manhattan prosecutor’s office, and in front of the Trump Towers in New York. Officials in New York have announced they are actively preparing for demonstrations that would break out if Trump is arrested. The NYPD announced that it had sent 700 police officers to the protests. Administrators in the state were also said to have held emergency meetings against possible protests. Officials are reportedly concerned about clashes between Trump supporters and opponents.

Trump issued a lengthy statement describing the investigation as “a political witch hunt trying to topple the leading GOP candidate.” “I did absolutely nothing wrong,” Trump said. I criticize a corrupt, corrupt and armed justice system.” said. However, Trump’s spokesman said he had not received any news of their arrest.

However, a lawsuit in which a Republican politician paid off porn star Stormy Daniels at the end of her 2016 presidential campaign in exchange for her silence about an alleged affair is just one of Trump’s trials.

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