Nowadays, there are countless responsibilities and challenges associated with romantic relationships. The number of factors that will make a romantic relationship, difficult enough even under normal conditions, even more complex and inseparable, is quite large. The first of these is undoubtedly to deceive or be deceived. For many people, betrayal is the worst thing that can happen in a romantic relationship. For this reason, “cheating” is one of the main reasons for today’s breakups.

But there are also relationships where love conquers betrayal. Some passionate lovers have no problem giving their relationship another chance despite their partner’s infidelity. At the risk of getting an important question constantly occupying their minds. So, who cheated once, will he cheat again? Fortunately, scientists have an answer to this important question! Let’s look at the details together.

According to some scientists, cheating is an extremely complex process.

For this reason, there are many scientific studies of deception and very interesting conclusions in the light of these studies.

In the past, scientists have conducted research to determine the “likelihood of recurring misbehavior in a relationship.”

Since cheating is at the top of the list of wrongdoings in a relationship, the study was actually looking for an answer to the question of whether a cheater would cheat again.

The study involved 484 couples. The study found that 44 percent of participants cheated on their partner at some point in their relationship.

However, the study also revealed other results that may answer a question many people are wondering about.

Those who have cheated on their partner before are 3 times more likely to repeat this behavior compared to people who have never cheated!

So yes, according to science, a person who cheated once is more likely to cheat again. Because past experience significantly influences future experience. Kayla Knopp, one of the scientists on the research team, shared her thoughts on the matter. “Past experiences are important to relationships. What we do at each stage of a romantic relationship affects our next step.expresses it in his own words.

But if at some point in your relationship you were betrayed and you gave it another chance, there’s no need to spend your days worrying about being cheated on again.

According to scientists “He who cheats once will always cheat again.,cliché is not a true statement

Yes, people who have previously cheated on their partner are 3 times more likely to commit a new betrayal compared to people who have not cheated. However, this does not mean that betrayal is again an unconditional consequence.

Psychologist Kristin Davin and neurologist Heidi Moawad said:Not everyone who cheated once has to do the same thing again.” uses the phrase. Because “repeated cheating” is a topic from another area!

According to some experts, “serial cheating” indicates chronic infidelity.

who cheated once will cheat again

In this direction, experts state that some people have character traits that make them more prone to infidelity. People with narcissistic personality disorder are said to be more prone to serial infidelity.

Because narcissists use others to feel loved and appreciated. He loves challenges and feels the need to prove his superiority over others. All this makes narcissistic people enjoy the passion of falling in love; for this reason, they move away from stable and long-term relationships, as a result of which they become incurable “serial cheaters.”

People with low self-esteem and avoidant attachment styles are also prone to serial cheating!

who cheated once will cheat again

An avoidant attachment style is usually characterized by hostility to social interaction and difficulty in self-disclosure. So if you have a partner who shows this attitude and has cheated on you before, you need to be careful.

But not all cheating is caused by personality disorders or mental problems. Because, according to scientists, there can be many different reasons for cheating and “cheating again and again” …

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