The name of the opposition candidate in the presidential election, which was announced to take place on May 14, was until recently the first item on the political agenda. Components of the National Alliance, also known as the Six Tables, made up of the Republican People’s Party, the Good Party, the DEVA Party, the Happiness Party, the Democratic Party and the Future Party, have been hard at work defining the positions of the opposition. candidate. In fact, on March 2, the Table of Six held its 12th meeting. It was announced that a consensus had been reached on the presidential candidate and the name would be made public after the meeting on March 6. However, the truth of the phrase familiar to us for years “24 hours is a very long time in politics” has once again been proven by events. One of the most important parts of the Six Tables, IYI Party left the alliance and Meral Aksener left the table!

And what a separation! Aksener sharply criticized the other components of the alliance in his “partition speech”, saying they faced an imposition and would not accept it. Against Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who is said to be the joint presidential candidate of the Six Tables, he called on CHP’s Ekrem Imamoğlu and Mansour Yavaş to become presidential candidates. All these developments not only completely changed the political agenda, but also revealed many new questions that need to be answered. Here one of them was the question “Why did Aksener wait until the last moment to get up from the table?” Let’s look at the details together.

Meral Aksener vetoed the candidacy of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu! IYI Party Left Nation Alliance

All of Turkey has long been waiting for the Alliance of Nations, formed by six opposition parties, to announce its presidential candidate.

It is known that the political parties that formed the “six” and the “Alliance of Nations” have long reached a consensus on the “return to parliamentarism.” However, the debate over the alliance’s presidential candidate continued. However, CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Ankara’s metropolitan mayor Mansur Yavaş and Istanbul’s metropolitan mayor Ekrem Imamoglu were prominent figures in the opposition bloc when it came to the presidential candidacy.

The six tables gathered for the 12th time on March 2 at the Felicity Party.

After the meeting, a text was published on reaching consensus on a “presidential candidate and a roadmap for the transition process” with the signatures of 6 leaders of political parties. It was also announced that the candidate for the presidency of the alliance will be presented to the public on March 6, that is, today. However, very interesting things happened after this critical meeting of the Six Tables.

IYI party leader Meral Aksener decided to meet with high-ranking figures from her party after a six-table meeting.

On the other hand, Akşener invited the provincial leaders of his party to Ankara. This dynamism in the corridors of the IYI party was the first sign that something was wrong on the opposition front. Meanwhile, it was said in the CHP wing that party members “congratulated” Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. In other words, the name with which the Six Tables agreed on the presidential candidacy was Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. However, the second largest participant in the table was not satisfied with this consensus. This discontent led to unforgettable events in the political life of Turkey.

Aksener announced that they had left the Alliance of Nations after meeting with top party leaders.

In making statements that will go down in history, Akşener lashed out at all 5 opposition parties. He stated that the leaders agreed with Kılıçdaroğlu’s candidacy, but as the IYI party, they proposed either Mansur Yavaş or Ekrem Imamoğlu as a presidential candidate. Stating that their proposals had not been heeded and were in danger of being coerced, Akşener, at the end of his “separation speech”, called on both CHP mayors to become presidential candidates.

Meral Aksener’s very acrimonious breakup sparked heated debates on the political scene.

The ruling front welcomed the split in the “six” and seemed to have regained its psychological superiority thanks to the chaos into which the opposition was drawn.

This unexpected announcement of division also divided opposition voters in two. According to those who wanted the candidacy of Ekrem Imamoglu or Mansur Yavas, or those who did not want the candidacy of Kemal Kılıçdarogu, Akşener’s departure was very appropriate. Others, on the other hand, considered Aksener’s departure from the table a big political mistake and rudeness, and were highly critical of Aksener. There were even those who believed that Aksener was preventing the opposition from winning.

In the opposition wing, while the fierce debate continued, they were looking for an answer to “what happened.” There were dozens of questions to be answered. Confidence in the government has declined due to the poor economic situation, and the post-earthquake governance crisis has made it difficult for the government to run elections. In many polls, the opposition came closest to winning the presidential election. So why did this breakup happen, which could change everything, why did Aksener leave the table?

The answer to the question why Aksener left the table is obvious. Aksener, who was previously put on the agenda with a “candidate for victory”, believes that Kemal Kılıçdaroglu will not be able to defeat Erdogan.

Meral Akshener

On the other hand, he states that Mansour Yavas and Ekrem Imamoglu are ahead of Erdogan in the polls and that elections should be held with one of those two names. On the other hand, Aksener states that the Six Tables have moved away from their founding and that they left the table after the “imposition” faced by the IYI party. However, all this does not answer the question why Aksener “waited until the last moment to leave the table.”

Why did Meral Aksener wait until the last moment to get up from the table?

Meral Akshener

Declaring that Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s candidacy has been nominated for 6 months, Mustafa Karaalioğlu, one of the contributors to the Fikir newspaper, raised the question of why Akşener waited until the last moment to get up from the table. According to Karaalioglu, the critical question “refers to politically incorrect views, on the one hand, and conspiracy theories, on the other.”

In his column, Karaalioğlu states that Akşener may have left the table “in anger”, acting impulsively and emotionally.

Meral Akshener

According to Karaalioglu, although what he did is only for the benefit of Erdogan, Aksener cannot take a stand on Erdogan’s behalf. Because, as Karaalioglu put it, the basis of the IYI party is the masses, united in sharp opposition to the authorities.

Karaalioglu also claims that Meral Aksener does not create opportunities for himself or the opposition by getting up from the table.

Meral Akshener

On the contrary, it has created an alarming situation both for itself and for the opposition. It even dealt a blow to the growth plans of the IYI party. Therefore, according to Karaalioglu, the questions of “the decision to withdraw” and “why Aksener left the table at the last moment”, which will be remembered as one of the unforgettable events of our political history, will continue to burden as the leader of the IIS party and the opposition for some time.

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