Access to the popular social network Ekşi Sözlük was blocked by the Information Technology and Communications Authority (BTK) on the evening of February 21st. Many social media users, including well-known names from the artistic and political community, reacted to the blocking of access to Ekşi Sözlük. The blocking of access to Ekşi Sözlük was described by social media users as “censorship on the Internet.” Ekşi Sözlük announced the decision made by BTK on her Twitter account.

In addition, the CEO of the site, Basak Purut, said on his social media account:We learned that there is a decision to block Ekşi Sözlük, we are studying this issue, we will share it when we get information.” He made a statement outlining his allegations. In the following hours, journalist Ismail Saymaz posted on his Twitter account “S” from Bashak Purut.As of 21:00, access to Ekşi Sözlük was blocked by the BTK. We have not received a solution. We were unable to contact the ICTA official.” shared your message. All these events made thousands of Internet users ask the question “Why was the Ekşi dictionary closed?” Let’s look at the details together.

Social media users reacted to the access barrier to Ekşi Sözlük

Access to Ekşi Sözlük was blocked by the decision of the BTK on the evening of 21 February.

Ekşi Sözlük announced the decision to ban access on her social media account.Hello, we saw that there is a solution for blocking access; but we don’t have information about the details, we are trying to get information from the authorities, we will share information as we get it.” announced from his words.

The decision to block access caused a strong reaction on social networks.

Thousands of social media users reacted to Ekşi Sözlük’s ban without explanation. Among those who reacted were well-known names such as Ekrem Imamoglu, the mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Imamoglu, from his social media account”They started by saying “Fighting 3Y”. One of the Y’s would forbid. We have become a country with a long list of prohibitions. Unfortunately; This evening Ekşi Sözlük was added to the banned list. The day will come, times will turn, these prohibitions will end.he made a statement. So why was Ekşi Sözlük shut down? What was the reason for blocking access to a popular site?

According to the information provided by the BTK official, Ekşi Sözlük was closed for the reasons stated in Article 8/A of the Internet Law No. 5651.

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Relevant provisions were added to Law No. 5651 “On the regulation of Internet broadcasts and the fight against crimes committed through these broadcasts” in 2015 by Law No. 6639.

Article 8/A, on which said decision to deny access is based, is entitled “Removal of content and/or prevention of access in cases where delay is inconvenient”.

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The provisions of article 8/A of the relevant law are as follows:Presidium or national security and public order, prevention of crime, or in cases where the judge or delay is inconvenient due to one or more reasons of the right to life and the protection of life and property of people, the protection of national security and public order, the prevention of crime or the protection of health. By the demand of ministries regarding the protection of general health, the President may decide to remove content and / or block access to broadcast on the Internet.

In addition, the law also allows access to publications that are suspicious enough to qualify for crimes such as “suicide, child sexual abuse, promoting drug use, supplying substances hazardous to health, obscenity.”

In accordance with the law, the Presidency or ministries may request the blocking of access to the relevant website.

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According to the provisions of the law, the Presidium or ministries may request blocking of access. On this matter, in the lawAt the request of the Presidium or relevant ministries, a decision to remove content and/or block access issued by the President is submitted by the President for approval to the Justice of the Peace for Criminal Matters within 24 hours.Applications are also included.

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