The World Cup, which kicked off in Qatar on November 20, has already become the most controversial World Cup event in history. The 2022 World Cup was on the agenda even before the start of the tournament due to unfavorable climatic conditions for football in Qatar and human rights violations in Qatar. The most popular sports organization in the world kicked off with the first fight between Qatar and Ecuador on November 20. But the discussions didn’t end. This time around, Qatar is on the agenda with its “fan village”, which is far from expected and draws attention with its poor living conditions.

Built for fans from all over the world, the Fan Village has been criticized for its high fees and poor living conditions. It is known that some of the supporters could not live in the village, despite the fact that they paid their salaries and left the village! Let’s take a closer look at why the World Cup fan village is not loved…

Qatar has built a huge village in the capital city of Doha for fans who come to the country from all over the world.

There are 1800 tents in the village, each of which is designed for two people. You can follow the enthusiasm for the World Cup closely on the fan village’s official website.”first class fan campThere is a phrase “. However, the scene that fans encountered in the village is very different from what is written on the Internet…

Construction of the Fan Village continues

Football fans visiting the fan village on Quetaifan Island are greeted with incredible heat, as well as a sky full of construction cranes and unbearable construction noise. Many construction works are still going on in the village, from paving stones to lighting works. The fan village is said to literally resemble a construction site. That is why thousands of football fans are trying to live under a terrible mess and noise.

A Japanese football fan named Shogo Nakashima, who is one of the fan village’s first guests, is among those who feel closely the hardships of life in the village.

Nakashima described this situation as “I can’t change my location at the moment, so I have to accept that and wait for the Japan match. I’ll just be here to sleep. I’ll go out and explore the city, I don’t want to spend time here” expresses how.

Mexican supporters of the couple Pedro and Fatima also complain about the poor living conditions in the village.

Pedro,To be honest, it’s not what I expected. When you look at the pictures and read the description – this is the World Cup, you expect some kind of qualityHe expresses disappointment with his statement. The couple state that the fan village is no different from any mediocre hostel anywhere in the world.

High temperatures are one of the most important factors complicating life in the countryside.

fan village

All tents have fans. However, these fans don’t work well because the tents are made of thick plastic. Fan village residents say they can’t sleep because of the heat and live almost “in a greenhouse”.

The average cost of one night stay in the Fan Village is £175.

fan village

However, given the unfavorable living conditions in the village, for many fans this fee is extremely high. A supporter named Jamal, who traveled from France to the capital Doha to support his country, claims he paid around £2,700 for a 3-week stay in the supporters’ village, but left after spending less than 24 hours in the village.

The fan village staff is said to be friendly and welcoming, but they can’t help the guests enough with life in the village.

fan village

For example, they give conflicting information about where and when you can buy water in a region, or whether you need a wristband to buy it. For this reason, the village of supporters, which has already failed in terms of physical living conditions, becomes a place where everyday life becomes more difficult.

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