TV8’s popular cooking competition, MasterChef, is returning for the 2023 season to bring viewers a whole new treat. MasterChef Türkiye, this time there will be an All Star format. At this competition, the first participant of the “All Stars” was announced, which brought together names that left a big mark in the competition in previous years. In addition, viewers were confused by the fact that Somer Sivrioglu, who has been on the competition jury since 2018, did not take part in MasterChef All Star trailers and promotions. The long awaited announcement has finally arrived! The details are as follows.

The first participant of the “All Stars” of the competition “MasterChef 2023” has been announced

At the request of the chefs, Clam Chowder soup was chosen as the first course.

MasterChef 2023

Clam chowder is a type of seafood soup of English origin.

After the first round, Güzide, Batuhan, Suna, Kıvanç and Faruk Batukhan managed to stay at the creative stage.

MasterChef 2023

During the creative phase, the participants struggled to achieve a salty taste using “carrot” and “cinnamon”. Mehmet Chef explains the rule for this dish: “You can’t make dessert with carrots and cinnamon. We want delicious food. We definitely don’t want dessert. You can cook any dish with carrots and cinnamon.” used his words.

Guzide, Suna and Eda were among the contestants who presented the best plates.

MasterChef 2023

The jury members chose from these three names and identified the first main contestant of the All Star season as Guzide.

Although he was happy to be selected for the first team, Guzide had this to say:

MasterChef 2023

“Thank you very much. My opponents are very strong, but I was chosen before them. Now I will look from above what they can do and strategize accordingly. My name was written in gold letters and I am very happy to be the first.”

Somer Sivrioglu has become one of the program’s indispensable names as one of the favorite members of the MasterChef jury.

MasterChef 2023

However, recently there have been claims that he is not in the program.

Somer Chief made a statement on the matter and shared, “I’m at home.”

Instead of Somer Chef, the contestants’ dishes were judged by Yılmaz Ozturk.

The introduction of Yılmaz Öztürk in the trailer reinforced claims that Somer Chef would not be on the program.

Akun Ilicali, the producer of the program, made a statement regarding this situation.

Ilicali announced that Somer Chef is in Australia and not only for the first episode, but will return to the program later.

Subsequently, in the first edition of MasterChef, Somer Sivrioglu shared with the viewers why he did not participate in the competition by contacting from Australia.

“I’ll be a little late. We were really very lucky, our producers treated this with understanding. They said: “Do business, come with peace of mind,” he said. Although Somer Chief stated that he regretted not being able to make it to the beginning of the program, he said that life sometimes brings such surprises and that he needs to take care of his priorities.

There is no clear information about when he will return to the program.

Details on Somer Sivrioglu’s return to MasterChef are expected to be announced in the future.

Who is on the MasterChef All Star team?

The MasterChef 2023 list includes the following names:

  • Barbaros Yologlu
  • Ugur Kardas
  • Metin Yavuz
  • Sergen Ozer
  • Eren Khashoggi
  • Sefa Okay Kilic
  • Tahsin Small
  • Ebru Khas
  • Yagiz Ozcelik
  • Batukhan Bair
  • Faruk Batuhan Oner
  • Alikan Sabunsoy
  • Mustafa Aydin
  • Esra Tockelli
  • Dilara Basaran
  • Rifat Yurts
  • Suna Aydin
  • Kerem Giritlioglu
  • Eray Aksungur
  • Kivanc Karadeniz
  • Hassan Biltekin
  • Fatma Nur Uchar
  • Ayaz Pass
  • Tolga Shener
  • Cemre does not sleep
  • Gulsa Suna
  • Duygu Akarsoy Atun
  • Pelin Zaman

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