Health comes first! However, in our time there are many material and spiritual elements and environments that negatively affect human health! Toilets are at the forefront of these environments. Because toilets are a natural habitat for many bacteria that can threaten human health. For this reason, many people are very particular about toilet hygiene and put extra effort into keeping the environment clean. However, thorough cleaning of toilets can not always help when it comes to health! Because there is a little point that many people overlook: before flushing, the toilet lid must be closed!

Scientists recently conducted a rather interesting experiment that showed that flushing with the toilet seat open can be extremely hazardous to health. Amazing footage from the experiment shows the frightening results of flushing with open toilet lids! Let’s look at the details together…

Scientists have developed an interesting experiment on the importance of having the toilet lid closed before flushing.

Accordingly, the cabinet was placed in a dark room filled with green laser beams. The toilet lid was open and the siphon retracted. What happened after the siphon was removed was recorded by the camera. The resulting images were quite intimidating! Because after flushing the closed toilet, invisible drops of water spread around the room!

Experts say this interesting situation can cause serious health problems, no matter how clean the toilet looks. Because these water droplets, which are not visible under normal conditions, contain bacteria and germs intensively!

No wonder that after flushing, water droplets filled with germs and bacteria spread!


However, scientists were quite surprised when they saw an area where a cloud of small water droplets, commonly called aerosols, was spreading. So much so that one of the study’s authors, John Crimaldi, an engineering professor at the University of Colorado, said their mouths were left open in the experiment. Because scientists did not have the slightest expectation that drops could spread over such long distances.

Scientists say that before flushing it is necessary to close the toilet lid.


On the other hand, some of the scientists involved in this interesting experiment claim that the experiment showed “a surprisingly vigorous and rapid growth of aerosol clouds emerging from the toilet.” John Crimaldi, head of the research team, says the images from the experiment could change people’s perception of traditional toilets.

However, Crimaldi emphasizes that he is already skeptical about ordinary toilets! In this regard, “I would say that it radically changed my attitude towards toilets. Now I am skeptical about them. I see these aerosol clouds filling the whole room in my mind.” uses expressions.

Because of the eerie images that this interesting experiment showed, some scientists suggest going to the toilet with a mask on!

Especially public toilets. Joshua Santarpia, a microbiologist at the University of Nebraska, says public restrooms are often enclosed spaces with very different air exchange rates, so they can be filled with aerosols containing bacteria and germs. He states that in order to minimize the damage from this dangerous formation, it is necessary not to enter public toilets without a mask.

Here are the pictures that shocked and alarmed scientists 👇

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