Those who grow old in retirement (EYT) have long been one of the important items on Turkey’s agenda. The EYT issue, which is closely related to millions of people, has long been in the shadow of many different discussions. Despite this, the problem with ATE cannot be solved. But what exactly is this problem EYT, why can’t it be solved, what are the solutions? Ali Kemal Erdem interviewed Gönül Boran, Chairman of the Board of the Federation of Pensioners, about the EYT issue, which has been on the country’s agenda for a long time and is closely connected with millions of people. . Let’s look at the details together…

The roots of the EYT problem date back to 1999.

Law No. 4447, passed September 8, 1999, introduced an application for an unemployment fund. However, with the new application, the retirement age was gradually extended. Thus, the date of retirement of hundreds of thousands of people who were insured in previous years has also changed. Thus began the problem of ET, which is of interest to millions of people today, which has not left the country’s agenda and could not be solved. In subsequent years, many victims of EAT organized themselves and started looking for a solution to the problem.

EYT members have hoped for a solution many times over the years.

Especially during elections. In previous years, statements by government representatives about the problem of the ESM before the elections raised hopes among millions of ESM members. However, after the end of each election period, the problems of EYT members were postponed. In fact, the negative statements of the most authoritative mouths at some periods led to the idea that the EYT problem will never be solved …

However, the millions of people who call themselves victims of AIT have not stopped fighting for their rights. Today, shortly before the 2023 elections, the EYT issue is again at the top of the agenda. EYT members believe that the EYT problem can be resolved before the 2023 elections (with statements from government officials signaling a solution). But he also has some misgivings about an issue that has stalled for years.

Millions of people believe that the upcoming 2023 elections will be important to EYT’s decision.


In parallel, it is reported that the government will announce a plan to resolve the EYT issue in the coming days. The plan, which will be created after the completion of the EYT studies, is said to be submitted to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for approval. The most striking statement about the EYT problem came from Minister of Labor and Social Protection Vedat Bilgin.

Bilgin recently stated that the EYT process was extended because they “listened to all the segments” but that the process would be completed before January. scholar on the subjectI said that I will submit it to Parliament when we reach its full volume – by the end of this month. I hope I keep my promise. Not valid for January” used words.

The number of people living in retirement is said to have reached 5 million.

However, it is argued that if the problem is solved, then approximately 1,600,000 people can retire in the first place. However, while EYT members are closer than ever to a solution, their concerns have not gone away.

Gönül Boran, Chairman of the Board of the Federation of Pensioners, made a wonderful statement about the problems of EYT members.

Boran says that despite statements by Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Bilgin, millions of EYT members are concerned about the delay in the process. He says EYT members followed Bilgin’s speeches closely, but were unable to get a satisfactory explanation.

Among the issues that most concern pensioners are claims for a “new age limit”.


Statements made in recent days that there will be a limit of 50 for men and 48 for women have led to comments that “those who are old enough to retire will become old again.” Gönül Boran, chairman of the board of the Pensioners’ Federation, says the allegations have not been confirmed by the authorities, but they are often spoken about behind the scenes. For this reason, EYT students are seriously concerned that they will have to face the age barrier again.

Among the biggest concerns of EYT members is not living up to expectations.


Gönül Boran, one of the leading figures in the EYT fight, says they believe the new regulation may not satisfy the millions of EYT members. However, Boran states that their fight will continue until they say, “Yes, we have fully earned our right.”

One of the important issues in the EYT issue is low pensions.


Boran claims that due to the change in the calculation of pensions in 2008, pensions are much lower than they deserved. Pointing out that pensioners are poor, Boran says they are concerned that the new regulation will not solve this poverty.

On the other hand, according to Boran, EYT members have been fired en masse lately. Under the new regulation, dozens of people who might qualify for a January pension are being fired so that an employer can take advantage of severance pay. Boran states that these layoffs of EYT members may continue in the future…

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