Recently, quite interesting events have been taking place in Istanbul, which are the subject of international politics. Some European countries decide one by one to close their consulates in Istanbul! For this reason, many citizens wonder why the consulates of European countries are closed. Some experts argue that the reason for the closure of consulates in Istanbul may be due to the fact that a far-right politician named Rasmus Paludan burned a Koran in front of the Turkish embassy in Sweden. According to Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, the reason for the closure of the consulates was the psychological war that European countries started against Turkey! Let’s look at the details together…

Some time ago, a far-right politician named Rasmus Paludan held a Koran burning rally in front of the Turkish embassy in Sweden.

This action had a great impact both in Turkey and in the world, and messages condemning Paludan came from many countries of the world. But the consequences of Paludan’s actions do not seem to be over yet.

After the action in Sweden, the United States warned of a “terrorist attack” against its citizens in Turkey.

US Embassy statement “The US government is warning its citizens of possible retaliatory terrorist attacks on churches, synagogues, and diplomatic missions in Istanbul or other places frequented by Westerners, especially in the Beyoglu, Galata, Taksim, and Istiklal areas.” expressions were used. Canada and some European countries have issued similar warnings to their citizens after the US issued a terrorist attack warning to its citizens in Turkey wishing to travel to Turkey.

Canada, Germany, France, England and the Netherlands; Warned its citizens living in Turkey and planning a trip to Turkey because of the terrorist attack

However, the relevant European countries have announced that Turkey has been placed in the status of “risk countries” for stays or travel. For example, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Since the burning of the Koran in front of the Turkish embassy in Sweden recently, terrorist attacks in Turkey have increased the risk. Therefore, staying in crowded, crowded public places should be avoided and caution should be exercised when visiting religious places of worship.he made a statement.

In a message sent by the French Embassy in Turkey, As recalled in a security alert issued by the US Consulate on January 27, 2023, as the risk of terrorist attacks in Turkey has increased, French people living in or passing through Turkey, including places of worship, should exercise the utmost caution at known meeting places. to be visited by foreign citizens.‘ was stated. Authorities in Canada, the UK and the Netherlands issued similar statements and told their citizens in Turkey to be careful.

Germany, England and the Netherlands have decided to close their consulates in Istanbul due to “growing security concerns”.


From the account of the German Consulate General in Istanbul in the social network “Our Consulate General will be closed for security reasons. Visa and passport registration will be cancelled. Thank you for your understanding” statements have been included. Similarly, the Netherlands announced that it had decided to close the consulate in Istanbul “due to possible protests around the Dutch consulate general in Istanbul and the growing threat to Western targets.” The UK has announced that the consulate in Istanbul has been closed as part of security measures taken against a possible terrorist attack.

Finally, it was announced that Pierre Loti French High School on Istiklal Street in Istanbul was temporarily closed.


While some consulates in Istanbul closed one after another, France warned its citizens in Turkey of the high risk of terrorism. Accordingly, it was reported that Pierre Loti French High School on Istiklal Street would be closed on 2-3 February for security reasons.

Interior Minister Suleiman Soyla has been criticized for his silence on consulates that have been closed for some time.


Many citizens have faced the reaction of the Turkish authorities to the refusal to make a statement about the closure of the consulates of some European countries. The expected statement about the respective consulates comes from Soylu, who recently attended the 2022 Gendarmerie General Command Assessment Meeting.

In his speech at the meeting, Soylu accused the respective countries of waging “psychological warfare” against Turkey and said:They launched a new psychological war against Turkey the day we set a target of 60 million tourists and announced that we had reached $46 billion in tourism revenue.” used phrases.

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