As the excitement of the New Year approaches, it’s time to take down the pine trees that grace our homes every year. This decorating ritual is one of the family’s favorite activities, especially on New Year’s Eve! Pine trees are one of the most beautiful symbols that tell of the end of the year and the preparation for the new year, with bright colorful decorations, bright lights and gifts left under the tree. Did you know that the tradition of decorating pine trees actually dates back to ancient times? Why is the pine tree decorated? Where did the tradition of decorating pines come from? How to decorate a pine tree? Let’s take a closer look at the details!

Why is the pine tree decorated?

In Christianity, the Christmas tree is considered a symbol of the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The branches and bushes of this symbolic tree are considered the emblem of immortality. The pine tree is also said to symbolize the crown of thorns that Jesus wore on the cross. On the other hand, every decoration used to decorate a Christmas tree is considered to have a special meaning.

Where did the tradition of decorating pines come from?

pine tree decoration

Christmas trees are actually known as a ritual that comes from pagan traditions. The use of evergreen trees and wreaths as symbols of immortal life was considered a common tradition among the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Jews. The veneration or worship of the tree, so common among European pagans, continued as a tradition of decorating their houses and barns with trees at Christmas to prepare a fir tree for the birds at Christmas. In Germany, at the entrance or inside the house during the winter holidays, they left the Yola Christmas tree (eng. Yuletide).

The modern Christmas tree is believed to be related to the West German tradition. In the Middle Ages, the main scenery of a theatrical play depicting Adam and Eve was a pine tree with apples on it, representing the Garden of Eden. Then the Germans planted such a tree of paradise in their homes, hanging thin matzah mats, symbolizing the consecrated Communion bread. Later, these pieces of bread were replaced with buns of various shapes. On the other hand, in some places, candles were added to the trees, symbolizing Jesus. During the Christmas season, the Christmas pyramid was located in the same room as the Christmas tree. In the 16th century, the Christmas pyramid and the tree of paradise merged into a Christmas tree.

As for England, the Christmas tree, which reached the city in the early 19th century, began to be widely prepared in the middle of the same century with the support of Queen Victoria’s wife, Prince Albert of Germany. At that time, Christmas trees were decorated with candles, sweets and pies, hung on their branches with ribbons and paper chains. The Christmas tree, brought to North America by German immigrants in the 17th century, became a real fashion in the 19th century. The tradition was also quite common in Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Netherlands.

How to decorate a pine tree?

pine tree decoration

So, what does pine decoration look like that decorates houses in the last days of the year? Usually, when decorating pine trees, a shining star is used on top of the tree. Trees were worshipped in pagan cultures. It was believed that the trees were a symbol of the sun god, symbolizing life and fertility. The most famous Christmas tree decoration is the golden star, which is why sparkling stars are placed on the tops of the Christmas trees.

It is believed that he spreads his light and points the way like the sun. Bells hanging on the edges of tree branches represent joy and happiness. The candy figurine represents justice. The wreath, on the other hand, is considered to convey true love. Apples date back to before Adam and Eve touched them and sinned. Apples or other fruits mean fertility. The 12 candles placed on the trees symbolize the light of the 12 messengers.

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