The Big Family series, which aired from 2009 to 2011, became one of the most popular performances of that period. Actor Ufuk Ozkan, who gave life to the character “Jevahir Kirishci” in the series, received great recognition for his successful performance and took an important break. The actor, who came to the agenda with a weight that has recently lost weight, said that he was on the wrong diet, and therefore his immune system collapsed. In this direction, unfortunately, not so long ago, news reached the public that upset fans of the famous actor. Ozkan is said to have cirrhosis of the liver and his life is in danger unless an organ transplant is performed soon. Let’s take a closer look at who Ufuk Ozkan is, who has come on the agenda with this sad news that worries his fans.

Ufuk Ozkan was born in 1975 in Germany.

Ozkan, who spent the first years of his life in Germany, definitely returned to Turkey with his family when he was 12 years old. Özkan, who started his educational life at the Samsun Municipality High School, subsequently studied at the Samsun Municipality Conservatory. The famous actor graduated from the theater department of the Istanbul University State Conservatory in 2001.

In the early years of his acting career, he took part in many theatrical productions under the roof of the city theaters of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

In the same period, that is, in the early 2000s, he appeared before the audience with small roles in various television series and films.

The television series Emret Commandanım, which aired between 2005 and 2008, was one of the important turning points in Ozkan’s acting career.

Ozkan, who gave life to the character of Vedat Yemisci in the series, has become a well-known actor. However, his real debut took place in 2009.

The comedy series “Big Family”, which was broadcast on channel D in 2009, allowed Ozkan to gain great popularity.


Ozkan, who played a leading role in the series, which featured such famous names as Halit Akchatepe, Rasim Oztekin, Zuhal Topal, Bora Akkash, Firat Tanysh and Ilker Airik, became the lover of millions thanks to the character of Cevahir Kirishci, whom he gave life to.

The renowned actor, who has appeared in many films and theatrical productions during his career, has also made significant strides in the field of performance.

Ufuk Ozkan, who has hosted popular television programs such as Ben I Don’t Know, My Wife Knows and Families Compete, has also been praised for his successful work in this area.

Ufuk Ozkan is on the agenda with a piece of news that worries his fans these days.

Ozkan, who came to the fore with weight loss over the intervening period, explained that he had lost excess weight due to poor diet and that his immune system had collapsed. However, the news, made public recently, caused much more anxiety and sadness among Ozkan’s fans.

Ufuk Ozkan, who has had liver problems for some time, is said to be suffering from cirrhosis of the liver.


According to the news reflected to the public, it is said that Ozkan is due to receive an organ transplant soon, and for this he is on the waiting list for an organ transplant. On the other hand, if a famous actor has not received an organ transplant, among the news that reaches the public, there is information that his life is in danger. According to some media reports, his doctors say that if there is no organ transplant, Ozkan will have 9 to 12 months to live.

Ozkan, who came to the agenda with serious health problems, made the announcement on his social media account.


Addressing his fans from his personal Instagram account, Ozkan said:Today I want to make a statement about news about my health. I have had liver problems for a long time. In case of need for organ transplantation, of course, my condition is under the supervision of specialist doctors, and my control is carried out regularly. Discussions are held in advance regarding the processes that can be developed. I have received messages of concern from my loved ones and I am very sorry. Life forces us to learn to live with illness. But I never let these processes affect my work. After today, I have no such intention, God willing. I will be in your presence with new series and movies as soon as possible. Thank you so much for all your loving and prayer messages. Sincerely, Ufuk Ozkan (brother, brother) Good luck to youmade statements.

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