One of the most visited tourist places in Kyrenia in Cyprus, Mavi Köshk attracts attention with its history, full of secrets and mysteries. So much so that the history of this mansion resembles a real-life version of mafia movie scripts. Thus, everyone is interested to know about the owner of the mansion, its history and where exactly it is located. We have told you where the Blue Mansion is located in Cyprus, who is the owner of the Blue Mansion and what is the history of the Blue Mansion.

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Cyprus Blue Mansion is located in Kyrenia

The mansion, which attracts a lot of attention from a tourist point of view, is located in the port city of Cyprus, Kyrenia. It is located on the Girne-Güzelyurt road and close to the Middle East Technical University. This mansion, which used to be the home of an arms smuggler, now functions as a museum.

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The owner of the mansion is named Paulo Paolides…


Paolides, a Greek of Italian origin, was born in Cyprus and lived there as a lawyer. However, the real profession of this man, from the outside looking like a chameleon, was not a lawyer. In fact, he was an arms dealer and mafia lawyer.

The Cypriot blue kiosk was nowhere to be seen. This allowed Paolides to easily smuggle weapons.

Cypriot Blue Kiosk

There are many legends about the mansion. According to one of these legends, Paolides built the mansion after his architect friend designed it. After the mansion was completed, he killed his architect friend and all the workers. He later burned all the plans for the mansion. Thus, he had a place where only he knew all the security details and escape points.

Paolides was very obsessed with security.

Paolides thought through every detail of the security of the mansion. So much so that he had the tunnel door open next to his bed. However, the office door was opened with a special system, and the curtains of the room were soundproofed. He was so concerned about his own safety that he installed mirrors on all the walls of the room where he prayed. So he thought no one could sneak up on him from behind.

Paolides, an arms dealer, also loved luxury and art.

Cypriot Blue Kiosk

Inside the mansion there is a fountain with a lion that pours wine at any time of the day, a chameleon skin wine cabinet that changes color depending on the season, a chair that becomes hard after sitting for a long time and prevents the face from falling asleep, and various crystal wine glasses. In addition to this, it is striking that each room of the mansion is decorated in a different color.

It is not known if this is rumor or fact, but according to what is being said, Italian actress Sophia Loren took a milk bath in the milk bath pool at the mansion and stayed in the mansion for some time.

We said that there are many legends about the mansion. One of those legends…

Cypriot Blue Kiosk

Paolides often hosted parties at his mansion and threw an apple from the balcony during the party. The one who caught the apple and brought it to him had the opportunity to spend the night with him. If we draw a conclusion from this legend, then we think that many considered him a Greek god. 🙂

Being obsessed with the number 13 is a completely different story.


The mansion has 13 rooms and 13 taps in the pool. In fact, according to some people, the mansion looks like number 13 when viewed from above.

Paolides managed to escape from Cyprus during the Cyprus peacekeeping operation in 1974.


Paolides used the tunnels he built under his house to escape. Escaped through these tunnels, he used his connections to reach Italy. He was killed by the mafia in 1986, exactly 12 years after he managed to escape from Cyprus.

After the Turkish soldiers took over the mansion, they found a golden key in Paolides’ safe. However, it is still unknown where this TAF-protected key is opened.


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