Known as the greatest soccer player ever in the world, Pele is seen as a genius in the soccer community. Moreover, a successful film was shot about the life of the master. Who knew that this talented boy, who shone shoes until he was discovered at the age of 11, would be able to conquer the heart of the football world when he grew up… The main footballer who came to Istanbul in the 1973 Fenerbah├že Santos match and met football fans Turkish foot, and managed to win the hearts of the Turkish public. On the other hand, Pele’s autobiography has been on the bestseller list for a long time. We wanted to get to know Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele. Who is Pele the shining star in the leagues? Details are waiting for you below.

Who is Pele?

Edson Arantes do Nascimento Pele was born in Brazil in 1940. Pele started his football with Bauro Athletic, in 1955 he played for Santos and in 1956 he participated in the A team. The professional soccer player won his first world championship in 1958. Transferred to Sweden among his team’s defenders, Pele managed to attract attention with his successful performance when he entered the game. And this performance adds to the trophy lifters. The 1962 World Cup was a bad time for him, and Pele was not called up to the national team due to his injury.

Pele, the uncrowned king of football, proves once again that he is a mature footballer and the best player ever in the 1970 World Cup! Brazil left this World Cup with the championship and managed to win back the trophy for the third time. A legendary soccer player with his unique technique, Pele is one of the most recognizable names in the soccer community.

What teams did Pele play for?


The main footballer started his career at Santos, one of the best teams in the Brazilian league at the time, and completed his adventure at Cosmos, another popular club. Pele, who holds the record for the most goals scored in football history, has managed to shine as a star in every team he plays for. The key player is Bauru AC in his infrastructure career, Santos and NewYork Cosmos in his professional soccer career, and Brazil in his national team career.

How many goals Pele?


Pele, who scored 1281 goals in his football career, which is difficult to break, is one of the most ambitious athletes in the world of football. However, Pele achieved another amazing success by scoring five goals in a match 6 times throughout his career. Pele scored 30 times, scored four goals in a match, and scored hat-tricks in 92 matches. On the other hand, Pele is the first person to be awarded the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or Prix d’Honneur.


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