Geologist Celal Shengör is known for his important statements about the Istanbul earthquake. But that’s not the only reason why this eminent scientist is so popular. Many events, such as his bold performances, interesting character and live swearing, keep Celal Shenger on the Turkish agenda again and again. In this article we will look for the answer to the question of who Jelal Shenger is. Let’s look at the details together

The famous geologist, whose full name is Mehmet Ali Celal Shenger, was born on March 24, 1955 in Istanbul.

His interest in geology began at a very early age with a book his mother bought him. Later, his interest in paleontology grew when an elementary school teacher gave him an encyclopedia of science and nature. Picnics with his family in Uludag further increased his interest in nature.

He started his teaching career at the Şişli Terakki Foundation Primary School.

Celal Senghor

However, he was expelled from Sisli Terakki for having an argument with his teacher in the 5th grade. He couldn’t win any school with the exams he entered. He later received his primary education at Bayezid Primary School. In his own words, he entered the high school of Ishyk High School with a torpedo. He graduated from Robert High School in 1969. She graduated from Robert in 1973 with the lowest D average and left for the US to continue her education.

“I want to study geology. But I don’t think I’ll make money from it. I will eat your money for the rest of my life. What are you saying?”

Celal Senghor

After telling this to his father, with his support, he began his higher education at the University of Houston in 1972. In 1973, he met Ihsan Ketin, who discovered the North Anatolian Fault. He moved to Albany in 1976 with support from John Dewey because he did not find the faculty at the University of Houston sufficient. Here he studied geology at the State University of New York and graduated in 1978.

Won the TUBITAK Science Prize in 1986.

In 1981, he began working as an assistant at the Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Mining, Department of General Geology. In 1984 he received the President’s Award from the Geological Society of London. In 1986, he became an associate professor at the Department of General Geology of the Mining Faculty of the Istanbul Technical University. He was admitted to the Academia Europaea in 1990 and became the first Turkish member of the association. A year later, he became a laureate of the Information Age Prize of the Ministry of Culture.

discovered the continent

Celal Shenger worked in the field of structural earth science and tectonics. He explained the influence of striped continents on the structure of mountain belts and discovered the striped continent. He named this continent the Cimmerian Continent. He has written 6 books, 175 scientific articles, 137 abstracts and about 300 essays in his field of expertise. In addition to being fluent in English, French and German, he can read Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Ottoman Turkish.

He married Oya Maltepe in 1986.

Little is known about Oya Maltepe, who was born in Istanbul in 1958. Little is known about Maltepe other than that he is a writer. Celal Shengor and Oya Maltepe also have a son named HK Asim Shengor who was born in 1989.

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