British artist Mark Quinn is known all over the world for his extraordinary work! The artist is known for his work that questions his multiculturalism, the world, the definition of normal people and nature. One of the great things about Mark Quinn is the use of his own blood in his work. Through his self-portraits, which he has been creating using his own blood since 1991, and his sculptures, which overturn the standardized aesthetic “norms” for the human body, Mark Quinn is an artist who has created truly amazing work! Pointing to the artificiality and historicity of such dilemmas as Self/Other, Body/Mind, Nature/Culture, many of Quinn’s works shed light on the coexistence of such oppositions as Life/Death, Birth/Destruction. Then, without wasting time, let’s get to know Mark Quinn and focus on his work.

Mark Quinn, born January 8, 1964 in London, is a contemporary British visual artist.

Mark Quinn, who has received worldwide recognition for his work, creates interesting and vibrant work.

Owinn’s work turns to sculpture, installation and painting.

Working on sculpture and painting in general terms, the artist conveys various subjects to art lovers in the language of sculpture, the special works that he creates.

In her work, the artist explores the theme of “what it means to be human in the modern world” through topics such as the body, personality, environment and media.

Mark Quinn

What does it mean to be human in today’s world? This is the question that most occupies Mark Quinn’s mind! For this reason, we see that the artist most often seeks the answer to this question in his works.

However, there are such works of the artist that the materials used may surprise you a little.

One of the most important details that distinguishes the artist from others is the unusual materials that he uses in his works. We see that in the palette of Mark Quinn, instead of multi-colored paints, there is his own blood.

Mark Quinn uses human blood instead of paint in most of his creations, as well as his own!

Mark Quinn

The brightest work among the works of the artist is, undoubtedly, “SELF”. This work is Quinn’s own sculpture, which he reproduces every 5 years. This is a project that is done with one’s own blood and continues uninterruptedly. A sculpture created by taking the artist’s own blood, molding it and freezing it. This unusual work, which differs sharply from traditional sculpture both in terms of material and plot, is exhibited in a special refrigerator.

The works he made with his blood have been exhibited at Arter Turkey in recent years in a solo exhibition entitled “The Dream of Reason”.

Mark Quinn

In recent years, having held a solo exhibition “The Dream of Reason” at the Arter Art Gallery, the artist managed to impress many art lovers.

The artist has been creating self-portraits using human blood since 1991.

Quinn regularly donates blood to create these artifacts and prepares the material for his artifact!

The self-portraits he creates destroy standardized aesthetic norms.

Mark Quinn

British artist Mark Quinn, who creates extraordinary works of art, manages to go beyond the standards in his self-portraits! The artist’s work continues to be exhibited around the world and impress people.

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