In the late 1960s, the United States of America faced an interesting structure that would become a black mark in human history. Founded by an American named Charles Manson, the Manson sect, or the Manson Family, is said to have committed many crimes and brutal murders. Founded by Charles Manson, one of the most brutal serial killers in US history, this “family” consisted of very dangerous members! A young woman named Susan Atkins was one of the scariest members of the family! Here’s what you need to know about Susan Atkins, one of the most dangerous and formidable members of the Manson Family cult.

Susan Atkins was born on May 7, 1948 to a middle-class family.

Atkins, who opened his eyes in California, USA, had an extremely difficult childhood due to his parents’ problem with alcoholism. When he was 15, his mother developed cancer. This illness took the lives of both Susan Atkins and her family down a much darker path…

Susan Atkins moved to San Francisco after her mother’s death.

He abandoned his education and completely erased his past, which he did not recall with a good memory. Her early years in San Francisco marked the beginning of a whole new era for Susan Atkins…

In San Francisco, Susan Atkins was introduced to crime and drugs, which became an integral part of the rest of her life.

It was in this city that he first met Charles Manson, who would make him one of the most horrific killers in history.

The meeting of Atkins, a lonely and lost 19-year-old girl, with Charles Manson completely changed the girl’s life!

Susan Atkins on her first meeting with Charles MansonHer voice and her attitude mesmerized me, mesmerized me.” would use words. According to Atkins, Manson “was the Christ the Redeemer…

It didn’t take long for Atkins to join the “family”.

Soon Manson introduced this girl to other women who were under his influence: Lynette Fromm, Patricia Krenwinkel and Mary Brunner. Thus, the “master tile” of the Manson family appeared …

Charles Manson renamed Susan Atkins “Sadie Mae Glutz”.

Name changes were extremely common within the Manson Family sect. Turning the people around him into ruthless criminals with his radical and terrible ideas, Manson gave them new names that he saw fit to “dull their egos”…

The Manson family settled on a ranch near Los Angeles in the late 1960s.

Susan Atkins

Family members led by Charles Manson lived here away from public life. Manson brainwashed the family members he managed to isolate from society and influenced them more and more with his radical ideas.

Susan Atkins, on the other hand, was one of the names most affected by this horrific killer. He was deeply attached to Manson and considered him a divine savior. All of this would make Atkins one of the scariest members of the family…

The murder of Gary Hinman was the first act that turned Atkins into a “monster”!

Susan Atkins

Although not directly involved in the cult, Gary Hinman was a drug dealer who considered his family members to be his friends. However, the last drug trade between the family and Hinman also spelled the end of the young man.

Disliking the drugs bought from Hinman, Manson sent several family members, including Atkins, to Hinman to get his money back. However, Hinman refused to cooperate. After that, Manson, who arrived at the scene, instructed members of his family to execute Hinman …

Gary Hinman was killed by a cult member named Bobby Beausoleil. But Atkins forced the unfortunate man to endure terrible torture in the last minutes of his life!

Susan Atkins

So much so that he wanted Hinman to survive just to be able to torture him, so he put in a lot of effort! Yes, Atkins didn’t land Hinman’s last punch. However, this murder turned the young woman into a dangerous monster…

Susan Atkins committed her most horrendous act of cruelty on the night of August 8, 1969!

Susan Atkins

Atkins and some members of his family attacked the home of world-famous director Roman Polanski. Polanski’s wife, American actress Sharon Tate, and three others in the house were the most famous victims of the Manson cult on the evening of August 8, 1969. But the main character of this terrible massacre was none other than Atkins.

Susan Atkins killed Sharon Tate, who was 8 months pregnant, with 16 stabs!

Susan Atkins
Sharon Tate

After the incident, Atkins described the moment of the Hollywood star’s murder in these words:I was alone with him. “Please don’t kill me,” he said. So I told him to shut up and threw him on the couch. “Please let me have a baby,” she said. Then Watson came and said to kill him. I killed him too. I stabbed him and he fell and I stabbed him again. I don’t know how many times. I don’t know why I stabbed him…

Atkins was arrested in October 1969 for the murder of Gary Hinman.

This most terrible member of the Manson family was sentenced to death after a trial.

However, at the same time, the state of California abolished the death penalty. Atkins’ death sentence was then commuted to life imprisonment.

He died in prison on September 24, 2009, where he served his sentence.

Susan Atkins

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