Thanks to social networks, we have the opportunity to meet famous and talented names from different parts of the world. Thanks to Tiktok, artists who are famous in their countries but cannot be exposed to the world can be recognized in a short time. One of them is the Nuran brothers. When a video of them singing in their naked voices was posted on Tiktok, you must have come across these world famous brothers. Who are these talented women, we were looking for you. Let’s look at the details together:

Who are the Nuran brothers?

The Nuran Sisters are two sisters who live in the Indian state of Punjab and often sing Sufi, Sufi, songs. Sultana and Jyoti Nuran, children of a family of religious artists, have continued their successful careers since their debut in 2013.

Sultana Nuran


Sultana was born on June 14, 1992 and is the eldest of two siblings. The 31-year-old singer is currently married and has a son.

Jyoti Nuran


Jyoti’s younger sister was born on February 24, 1994. He married Kunal Passy in 2014. Her family did not approve of the marriage and filed a lawsuit alleging that Jyoti wrote on her school leaving certificate at the age of 16 at the time of her marriage and that the marriage should not be approved because their daughter was underage. After a trial, the family agreed to the marriage.

Their life leads to music

Born in the 1970s as the granddaughter of Swarn Nuran, one of India’s renowned Sufi artists, and the daughter of Ustad Gulshan Mir, the sisters were educated from their fathers from an early age. In his interviews, Ustad Gulshan Mir mentions that at that time the family was in a difficult situation and made a living from music lessons.

His musical abilities were discovered when he played an instrument at home and sang the words of Bulle Shah, which he heard from his grandmother: “Kulli wichon ni yaar lab lai.” At that time, Sultana was seven years old and Jyoti was five years old.

Bollywood and career

The Nuran brothers achieved huge success by participating in the MTV India talent search show Sound Trippin in 2012. Submitted by renowned Bollywood composer and director Sneha Khanwalkar, the brothers’ song titled “Tung Tung” was highly acclaimed. The song was later used as the soundtrack for Akshay Kumar’s 2015 film Singh is Bling. That same year, MTV Unplugged and Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2 performed “Allah Hoo” to a YouTube sensation.

On September 2, 2015, their first five-track album Yaar Gariban Da was released, produced by MS Records. In 2017, they won the Filmfare Awards for Best Punjabi Female Singer for the song “Yaar Di Gali” in the movie “Channo Kamli Yaar Di”.

They made their Bollywood debut in 2014 with the song “Patakha Guddi” from the movie Highway with music director A.R. Rahman in the title role. This song, which they call “our favorite”, topped the Bollywood music charts.

Here’s the video that made the brothers go viral👇

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