According to some reports, the May 14, 2023 elections are the most important elections in Turkey in recent times. For this reason, elections have long been on the agenda of the country. After President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed the decision to resume the elections on May 14 and this decision was published in the Official Gazette, preparations for the elections gained momentum. Many political parties are developing various formulas to succeed in the May 14 elections. New alliances are being formed, existing alliances are looking for ways to “expand”, new political events take place in Ankara almost every second. For this reason, it is very difficult to follow the political agenda. Well, what alliances have been formed so far, which alliance is in contact with which party, let’s look together.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to resume presidential and parliamentary elections was recently published in the Official Gazette.

Following the decision, the High Electoral Commission (YSK) announced that March 18 had been designated as the start date for the election calendar. Thus, all political parties have accelerated the preparations for the elections, which they have been conducting for a long time. Many parties are working on new formulas to succeed in the upcoming elections.

Of course, the criterion for “success” also varies from party to party. Some parties expect to win several seats in parliament. The goal of some parties is to have their candidates elected president. In other words, the path to success in the next election is through hard work. Alliances, expansion efforts and collaborations are part of it. Let’s first look at what alliances have been formed so far.

The main opposition has been under the auspices of the Alliance of Nations since the 2018 elections.

The alliance, which came together to strengthen the parliamentary system, expanded about 1.5 years ago with the participation of DEVA and the Future Party, and the number of political parties in the alliance increased to 6. It was recently announced that the chairman of the Republican People’s Party, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, is a joint candidate in presidents from the Alliance of Nations.

The Alliance of Nations has no steps to “expand”

However, it is said that cooperation in the electoral sphere can be carried out between some parties that are not members of the alliance and parties that are members of the alliance. However, it is argued that the Alliance of the Nation, which must have a majority in parliament in order to move to a parliamentary system, is concentrating on various formulas in order to have the largest number of deputies, and that the alliance can take new steps in this direction. direction.

Another alliance formed on the opposition front is the Labor and Freedom Alliance.

The alliance includes the HDP, TİP, the Labor Party, the Labor Movement Party, the Social Freedom Party and the Federation of Socialist Assemblies. The HDP, one of the important components of the alliance, is in favor of entering the elections on a single list. However, it is stated that TİP wants to enter the elections in some regions with its own name, logo and candidate.

The Zafer Parties, the Justice Party, the Yulkem Party and the Turkish Alliance Party formed the ATA Alliance on 11 March.

In fact, in the past period, steps were taken to create an alliance between the Victory Party and the Village Party. However, the chairman of the Victory Party, Umit Ozdag, called on Mansour Yavash to run for president, after which the leader of the Motherland Party, Muharrem Ince, ended the negotiations, saying that he would not be a candidate for a “minor president.” “.

After Ince left, he founded the ATA Alliance with the Zafer Party, the Justice Party, the Ulkem Party and the Turkish Alliance Party. The alliance recently nominated former MHP deputy Sinan Ogan as a presidential candidate. However, the leader of the Country Party, Muharrem Ince, announced that he is the presidential candidate of his party.

The ruling wing will go to the polls under the auspices of the People’s Alliance.


Erdogan is the candidate from the alliance, whose main elements are the AKP, BBP and MHP. Recently, however, the alliance has had a desire to “expand”.

It is stated that HUDA PAR will join the People’s Alliance in the near future.


In addition, negotiations between the Welfare Party and the People’s Alliance are ongoing. In this regard, it is reported that YRP sent 30 requests to the SEP, including amendments to the Law No. 6284 on the protection of the family and the prevention of violence against women, and received a response of “no problem.” On the other hand, the People’s Alliance, which is trying to increase the number of political parties in the alliance, is known to be in contact with some other political parties.

It was alleged that the Motherland Party and the Democratic Left Party would support the People’s Alliance.


However, DSP officials announced that they would support Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu as a party. In addition, it was announced that the Rodina party would be given a quota of deputies from the lists of the AKP. In a word, the negotiations of the People’s Union with the YRP, HUDAPAR and the Rodina party continue.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is expected to visit parties outside the National Alliance in the coming days.


It is known that HDP and TIP, members of the Labor and Freedom Alliance, decided to support Kılıçdaroğlu. In addition, it is reported that Kılıçdaroğlu will visit some political parties outside the parliament in the coming days.

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