Mersin is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey with its natural and historical beauties. Thus, Mersin is among the places where both local and foreign tourists have the most rest. You can enjoy the sea and the charming nature of Mersin with beautiful beaches and bays. Tisan Island, which people who see it call paradise, attracts a lot of attention with its mesmerizing nature, scenery and beautiful bays. We have told you what you need to know about Tisan Island.

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Where is Tisan Island located?

Located about 32 kilometers from Silifke, the island is located in the Ješilovacık region. To get to the island behind the mountains, you need to go through pine forests. Everyone who sees this island says that it is worth all the effort and looks like a real paradise.

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What’s Tisan Island like?

Tisan Island

The island with white houses at first glance resembles Bodrum. The clear sea of ​​the island, white sands and dense forests enchant those who see it. Although the sea of ​​the island, which consists of two bays, is shallow and rocky, it is considered one of the cleanest and cleanest seas of both Mersin and Turkey. Even though the island is crowded during the summer months due to boat trips, it still retains its tranquility and virginity. If you are looking for a relaxing and beautiful holiday, you should definitely visit this place.

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Is Tisan Island open to the public?

Tisan Island

The island, which stands out for its clear sea and natural beauty, has two beaches, both of which are open to the public. It is said that the locals of the island do not provide umbrellas and sun loungers for those who do not stay here. However, if you stay in houses, apartments and hostels on the island, there is no problem. Thus, all you have to do is enjoy the natural beauty of this paradise island. Especially if you want to enjoy the warm and clear sea, you can visit the island between June and September.

Things to do on the island

Tisan Island

In addition to swimming in the sea and enjoying the lush nature, there are many places to visit on this paradise island. Here are the places you can visit on the island:

  • Historic Byzantine tower
  • Ancient city of Aphrodisias
  • Tisan Bay
  • Kosrelik Island
  • Goktepe

How to get to Tisan Island?


You can use the Mersin-Antalya highway to get to the island. Although the roads are a bit winding and difficult, this island is worth the effort. Those who want to fly by plane must first get to Alanya Gazipasa or Adana Airport. It takes about 3 hours to reach the island from these two airports. If you want to come by bus, you need to get to Silifke first, and from there take a minibus and go to the island.

Where to stay on the island?


Since the island is a very untouched place, it is not very developed in terms of accommodation. For this reason, instead of hotels on the island, there are apartments and pensions. Not everyone likes the fact that the island is not developed in terms of accommodation and tourism. In this case, you can visit the island as a day trip. You can also set up camp at many points on the island.

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