Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary has recently become one of the most shared places on social media. This place, which is one of the most beautiful migratory bird stations, can delight everyone with its unusual scenery. As such, everyone is wondering where this place is and how to get there. We have answered many questions such as where is Nallıhan Bird Paradise, how to get there and what kind of birds are in Nallıhan Bird Paradise.

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Where is Nallihan Bird Sanctuary?

The bird paradise is located within the limits of the village of Davutoğlan in Nallıhan District, Ankara. Home to many bird species, it is an artificial wetland ecosystem created at the junction of Aladağ Creek and Sarıyar Dam. In 1994, hunting was banned and protected on 425 hectares in this place.

The bird paradise is located 300 km from Istanbul, 130 km from Eskişehir and Ankara, 100 km from Bolu, 30 km from Nallıhan and Beypazarı districts.

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What kind of birds are in Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary?

Nallihan Bird Sanctuary

Reeds, tamarisks and willow groves formed where the stream flows into the dam, as well as extensive agricultural land, steppe areas, poplars, hills and rocky cliffs, such as different habitats with different ecological characteristics and high food availability, allow the crowding of birds of different species to live in the region. So far, 191 species of birds have been observed in the Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary. The number of birds spending the winter here is over 50,000. 190 pairs of white herons, 170 pairs of gray herons and 140 pairs of night herons nest in a 5-hectare area of ​​willow where the Aladağ Creek flows into a dam.

Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary, White-tailed Eagle, Black Kite, Peregrine Falcon, Red-billed Raven, Narrow Carp, Seagull, Stork, Anglite, Mallard, Grouse, Cormorant, Blackhead, Poodle, Crane, Partridge, Woodcock, Apple Tree, Hawk, Goose, Quail, It is home to many different species of birds such as waterfowl, Egyptian vulture, spoonbill, hawk and falcon.

How to get to Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary?


You can get here by your own car or by public transport. If you want to go by public transport, you can easily go to bird paradise with 548 Beypazarı EGO buses and minibuses to the center of Beypazarı district and then to Çayırhan and Nallıhan. In addition, there are shuttle buses that take passengers to Çayırhan and Nallıhan on the way from Ankara to Istanbul.

If you want to drive your own car, you can reach the bird paradise by taking the Ankara, Sincan, Ayaş, Beypazarı, Çayırhan and Nallıhan routes from the center of Ankara.

Is Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary paid?


Admission to the bird sanctuary is free. However, it is worth going here during the height of the bird season. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see many birds. The best seasons to visit Nallıhan Bird Paradise are spring and fall. During these seasons, you can watch migratory birds and enjoy the perfect nature.

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