Venus retrograde occurs 5 times every 8 years, averaging every 584 days, and typically lasts 40 days. This, of course, strongly influences astrological predictions and interpretations. Venus cannot fully show its strength during periods of its retrograde movement. The planet Venus is usually associated with feminine beauty and aesthetics. For this reason, it is very likely that you will encounter negative phenomena such as aesthetic care, aesthetic surgeries and cosmetic allergies in the retro period. Let’s see what Venus retrograde means and which zodiac signs will be most affected.

What does Venus influence?

Venus is the most romantic and pleasure-oriented celestial body in your natal chart, but its influence on your life goes much deeper. After all, Venus also governs your values ​​and what you consider important in life.

So, when will Venus retrograde occur?

Venus retrograde

Venus will retrograde at exactly 28 degrees Leo on July 22nd and will impact your love life, self-esteem and finances for the next 40 days and 40 nights. This retro is always about “healing”. While the word “healing” has many positive connotations, let’s not forget that healing often requires a lot of pain, thought, and hard work.

If there are cracks in your relationship that need to be mended or social conflicts that need to be resolved, Venus retrograde will encourage you to face this issue. However, remember that affection and attention can be overwhelming at first. As this retrograde occurs in the proud, glamorous, theatrical and expressive sign of Leo, your relationship with yourself will come to the fore more than anyone else. Most likely, this regression will shed light on some of the wounds in your self-esteem, make you find the courage to forgive yourself, let go of shame and love yourself with all your shortcomings. This failure can also cause trauma that prevents you from truly expressing yourself. In the process, you can face past traumas and learn to love yourself more deeply.

When Venus retrograde ends at exactly 12 degrees Leo on September 3rd, what you will experience during this period will make much more sense. If you find that your values ​​no longer match your situation, you may think that Venus retrograde has set you free.

If your Sun and/or rising sign is one of the following, you will be most impressed by all the others in Venus retrograde. Here are the signs of the zodiac that will be affected by Venus retrograde…

Which zodiac signs will be most affected by Venus retrograde?

Venus retrograde


If you are a Taurus, especially if your ascendant falls into this sign, the upcoming retrograde movement is very close to your home. You will inevitably be affected by the movements of your ruling planet Venus and the planet of love. It is not surprising if at this time you feel that your whole life is going backwards. However, this retrograde sheds light on ongoing unresolved conflicts in your fourth house, which is your home and family, pushing you to strengthen your sense of belonging by showing love, honesty, and confidence in your personal life.

a lion

If this summer has already exhausted you, no wonder. Because this failure is about you. If your ascendant or sun sign is Leo, you may experience confusion about your personality and self-confidence. Despite the magnificence associated with your zodiac sign, you tend to let rejection negatively affect your sense of self and obsess over what others think of you. This setback will encourage you to address some of the self-esteem issues that are confusing you and interfere with your ability to connect with others in a healthy and meaningful way. Presumably, these self-esteem issues are at the root of many of the problems you face in every other aspect of your life.


Have you been feeling bad about your career lately? You are probably wondering if you are on the right track. If your ascendant or sun sign is Scorpio, the upcoming Venus retrograde will change your career goals, professional position and image. This failure may give you the answers you are looking for.


If anyone is going to experience a classic Venus retrograde, it’s you, especially if your ascendant is Aquarius. This failure is known for shedding light on relationship problems and rekindling old conflicts. As Venus moves retrograde in your seventh house regarding partners, allies, enemies, and spouses, you tend to argue with the people in your life. You may receive a flood of apologies and thanks. However, you may also find out that someone has a grudge against you.

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