Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if the conditions are met, they will return to the grain agreement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that it had become meaningless for Russia to continue the grain agreement in its current form, said: “If all the conditions that we agreed on are met, we will immediately return to this agreement.”

Putin gave an assessment of the Black Sea Grain Corridor Agreement at a meeting with government representatives in Moscow.

Stating that Russia had repeatedly extended the agreement despite the “arrogant” approach of Western countries, Putin said: “We expected our foreign colleagues to begin to fully comply with the agreed and approved conditions, but this did not happen.”

Claiming that Western countries were responsible for terminating the agreement, Putin said: “It is alleged that Russia is responsible for the failure of this agreement. Moreover, Russia is blamed for the disasters in some African countries, once plundered by the West and thrown into the abyss of wars, famine and poverty. Now they continue to plunder these states within the neo-colonial system,” he said.

Putin said that the grain agreement was originally of humanitarian importance, but Western countries have completely destroyed this element.

Saying that Russia’s efforts to deliver fertilizer free of charge to poor countries have been blocked by Western countries, Putin said: “The agreement has lost its meaning in its current form.”

“Let the human essence of the agreement be secured”

Pointing out that Russia has various conditions for continuing the agreement, Putin said: “All obstacles to Russian banks and financial institutions providing services for the supply of food and fertilizers must be removed. This includes connecting them to the SWIFT international bank payment system. We do not need any words or opinions on this matter. We need these conditions to be met,” he said.

Stressing that obstacles to the shipment of Russian grain products to international markets and the shipment of agricultural implements and equipment to Russia must be removed, Putin said that the issue of insurance for Russian ships must also be resolved.

Stressing that the “human element” in the agreement must also be restored, Putin said: “Finally, the main condition for Russia’s return to the agreement is the restoration of the humanitarian essence of the agreement. “If all these conditions that we agreed on earlier are met, we will immediately return to this agreement,” he said.

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