WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in recent years. However, it also occupies a very important place in everyday life. Many people use WhatsApp as a means of communication, both in social and business life. Accordingly, the features offered by the application to users become very important. That’s why WhatsApp is constantly working on new developments to provide the best communication and communication experience for its users. In this direction, the popular messaging app has announced that it has offered its users a new feature. Accordingly, deleted messages in WhatsApp can now be restored. Let’s look at the details together…

The fact that WhatsApp has become a part of everyday life has made even the smallest details of the application important.

For example, accidentally sent or deleted messages can cause unforeseen situations … Therefore, you need to use the application carefully, although many do not care.

WhatsApp messages can be deleted in two ways

The first is the “delete for all” feature, which allows you to delete a message from all contacts in a conversation. The other is the “delete from me” button, which only deletes the message from the screen of the person who sent it. Which message to delete and how it can become something that in some cases requires a very careful decision.

WhatsApp manager Will Cathcart announced that they have introduced a new feature in WhatsApp that allows you to recover accidentally deleted messages.


According to the statement, with the innovation made to the app, deleted messages can be retrieved using the “Delete from me” feature. If a sent message is deleted using the “Delete from me” function, the “Cancel” button will appear on the screen for 5 seconds. When users click the cancel button, the deleted message will be reloaded on the conversation screen. On the other hand, if desired, the returned message can be deleted again using the delete function for me and for everyone.

Previously, it was not possible to delete messages from everyone using the “Delete from me” function.


For this reason, accidentally deleting a message using the “Delete from me” function may lead to users experiencing situations that are not desirable for them. Will Cathcart has stated that this will change with the new feature.

WhatsApp’s new feature that allows you to recover accidentally deleted messages will be a lifesaver for many users.


Unfortunately, if the messages are “deleted from everyone”, you still won’t be able to recover the deleted message. For this reason, users will have to pay attention for some time to which message they are deleting.

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