The deepening of the economic crisis in our country causes a rise in prices for all consumer goods. Cars are one of the most expensive commodities. So much so that for millions of people, buying a new car has become a distant dream. It is for this reason that countless citizens are wondering if it would not be more economical to bring cars from abroad to Turkey. For this reason, many people are researching what steps should be taken in the process of importing a car into Turkey from abroad. Here are all the details you need to know before bringing a car from abroad to Turkey.

There are some criteria required in order to be able to bring cars from abroad to Turkey and use them in our country.

First of all, the person who will bring the car must have a residence permit in the country where he will bring the car. However, the owner of the vehicle must have resided in the country where the vehicle will be delivered for at least 185 days in the past year and must not have resided in Turkey for more than 180 days in the past year.

For the first car that pensioners from abroad bring to our country, it is not necessary to live abroad for at least 185 days last year.


There are no obstacles for people who meet the relevant criteria to bring cars from abroad to our country and use them here. However, the conditions under which vehicles imported from abroad can be used are also determined by legal regulations.

Cars can be used for 2 years from the date of entry into our country.


Drivers who want to continue using their cars in our country must stay abroad for 185 days with their cars after two years. Cars that are not exported abroad after two years may be deprived of the right to drive, and fines are imposed on drivers. However, the rules governing the conditions for the use of cars brought from abroad are not limited to this in our country.

Cars from abroad can only be used by the owner.

In other words, even the next of kin of the owner cannot use the car. Otherwise, people who are driving at that moment are fined. However, it is not legally possible to sell, rent or transfer vehicles brought to our country from abroad.

Vehicle tax is not payable on these vehicles.

Drivers only need to have compulsory motor third party liability insurance in order to be able to drive the vehicles they have brought from abroad. Thus, cars with foreign license plates can be used in our country.

Those who want to bring cars from abroad to our country must submit a preliminary application.

Persons who meet the relevant criteria must submit a preliminary declaration before entering our country in their vehicles. This process, which is necessary for easier and faster processing of documents at customs, can be carried out through e-government.

Drivers who want to use their cars permanently, without adhering to the two-year rule, must import cars from abroad.

Those who do not meet the above criteria or want to drive without following the relevant regulations are required to take the vehicles out of the country. However, there are some conditions for this. Firstly, the car to be exported must either have 0 kilometers or be over 50 years old and be classified as a “classic car”.

Of course, there are some procedures that must be followed for exported vehicles. First of all, this is the import of an exported car to customs in our country. At Customs, the amount of SCT payable is determined based on the engine size of the vehicle, then VAT of 18 percent is added to the amount payable. Once all applicable taxes have been paid, the vehicle license and plate are released.

How much is the customs tax that people who want to bring a car from abroad have to pay?


In cars imported from abroad, the amount of SCT is added to the price of the car, which varies depending on the engine size of the car. Then 18 percent VAT is added to this total amount, and thus the total amount of the fee to be paid is determined. In addition, vehicles are not subject to taxation in the form of customs duties.

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