The Wednesday, which was shown on the popular digital broadcasting platform Netflix on November 23, was watched by millions of people in a short time and took its place among the most popular Netflix series of the recent period. So much so that from the very first moment it became one of the 10 most watched productions in the 93 countries where it was shown. It was the most watched production in 83 countries! Wednesday set an important record with 341 million hours watched in its first week, becoming the platform’s most viewed English production in its first week. Previously, this record was held by Stranger Things, one of the platform’s most popular series, with 335 million hours watched.

Wednesday has become one of the most talked about series of the last period with its great success and popularity. Thus, many people who have not yet watched the series began to search the Internet for the medium actors, the number of episodes and their themes. Here’s everything you need to know about Wednesday, Netflix’s most notable production of the last period…

The environment is inspired by the famous cartoon and TV series The Addams Family.

The Addams Family is a cult television series based on the animated series created by American cartoonist Charles Addams. The extraordinary story of the Addams family, embellished with black humor and gothic elements, first met viewers on television in 1964. After the story was first shown on the big screen in 1991, the Addams Family has become one of the most popular fictional families in the world. In subsequent years, many films and television series were made about the Addams Family …

Wednesday sheds light on the life of Wednesday, one of the iconic characters of the Addams Family.

The series focuses on the years when Wednesday Addams studied at the Nevermore Academy. But Nevermore Academy is no ordinary school, and Wednesday Addams is an extraordinary student! In an attempt to master his newly discovered supernatural powers, Addams sets out to prevent the horrific murders that are terrorizing his city. In addition to all this, trying to solve the mystery of some of the supernatural events that happened to her parents many years ago is one of Wednesday’s daily duties.

The series is a successful detective story with elements of fantasy, set in a dark and gothic world.

The protagonist of the series, Wednesday Addams, appears to the audience as one of the most important elements that enhance this extraordinary story with his obtuse character and black wit. The tension in the line is facilitated by insidious enemies and dangerous creatures that the main character has to fight.

The world famous Tim Burton sits in the director’s chair of the series.


The American director is known for his mastery of bringing “gothic and dark” worlds to the big screen. For this reason, the design of the universe on Wednesday is also very successful. However, Burton directs the first four episodes of the series. The other directors of the series are Ganja Monteiro and James Marshall. The series was written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.

Jenna Ortega, one of the great actresses of the new generation, is starring in the series.


The American actor brings to life the cult character of the series Wednesday Addams. Among the names accompanying Ortega in the series are world famous actors such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán.

Jamie McShane, Gwendolyn Christie, Percy Hynes White, Riki Lindhome, Emma Myers and Hunter Doohan are also among the other names in the cast of the series. Finally, Christina Ricci, who appeared before audiences as Wednesday Addams in the 1991 movie The Addams Family, is also meeting audiences in a new Netflix series that has smashed the ratings.

When is the second season on Wednesdays?


Viewers of ‘Wednesday’, which was a big hit with its 8-episode first season, are already wondering if there will be a second season. However, the final scene in the final episode of the series gives indications that the series will hit viewers with a new season in the future. However, there is no general information about the second season of the series yet.

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