Family has been indispensable on a Tuesday night since March 7th when it first aired. With its unique story and acclaimed cast, it has become one of the most watched series in all three categories. “Family” has taken its place in the list of trends not only in Turkey, but also in the world. Show TV series “Ay Yapim” aired on Tuesday evening with the fourth episode. ‘The Family’ that locks people in front of the TV every Tuesday has 9.15 views (Rating), 22.64 Views (Share), 8.87 Views (Rating) on ​​ABC1 20+, 20.15 Views (Share), in summed up on the other hand, it received the highest score in all three categories with a rating of 5.82 and a share of 13.82 and was ranked as the most watched series on Tuesday evenings. Let’s look at the details together.

In the series, Serenay Sarikaya and Kyvanch Tatlytug met, who had been away from the screens for a long time.

With a strong cast and an original storyline, the series has captivated audiences from the first day it aired. Returning to the screens with the “family” series after a long break, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ shares the main role with Serenay Sarikaya. Nejat Isler joins Tatlitug and Sarikaya after 2 years of absence from TV. Canan Ergüder, who has so far given life to various characters in many series, appears as Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ’s older sister.

We meet the Soikan family in a series that gets a lot of attention for its original story.


One day, Aslan (Kivanç Tatlıtuğ) is already flying to Izmir while the dinner table is being prepared, and this is the only place where they are truly a family. He won’t be at the dinner to sort things out with his uncle. In this regard, he intersects with the psychologist Devin (Serenai Sarikaya). Devin travels to Izmir to pick up his sister, who is working and has been discharged from the hospital. Although they are drawn to each other, it is clear that they are people from different worlds. However, they soon discover their common wound. They both have problems with their “family”. Aslan breaks one of Soikan’s laws from the first night. Her mother Hulya doesn’t like her bonding with Devin so quickly. Devin deals with his father and brother. Our two protagonists now have to fight to start their families and heal their wounds.

Having hooked viewers to the screen with its stunning story and successful cast, “Family” rocked social media with its Tuesday night release. The #Family hashtag on Twitter stayed on the TT (Trend Topics) list for 8 hours 20 minutes in Turkey and 1 hour worldwide.

Ahmet Katixiz is directing the series written by Can Bonomo’s cousin, Hakan Bonomo.

What happened in the latest episode that rocked social media?

Devin finds Aslan’s marriage contract for the two of them. Devin, who cannot handle the terms of this contract, disagrees that his fiancée did this to protect him. Devin decides to leave when the marriage contract breaks them. The struggle between Ibo and Ati, which Aslan had ignited earlier, is getting bigger and bigger. While listening to an audio recording of Ati’s story about herself, Yibo visits Ati’s company. The Igbo starts threatening and doesn’t stop there. They scold Ati in front of all the employees. These moments are secretly recorded by the employee. After what happened, Ati confronts Aslan.

Jihan visits Devin’s clinic unannounced. Devin agrees to treat Jihan because she thinks her relationship with Aslan is over. During the session, Aslan comes to the clinic, but, fortunately, Jihan does not see. Devin rushes to a bar after arguing with his mother and sister about the problems he had with Aslan. Eco, who follows him, informs Aslan. Aslan devastates the whole place and when Devin sees him he is stunned. The reconciled duo decide to get married after Devin’s fortune. Devin’s condition is to remain “Devin Akin” without taking the surname Soikan. Devin, who doesn’t want to let Jihan down despite continuing his journey with Aslan, continues the sessions.

In the last episode, the wedding of Aslan and Devin left its mark on the series. Aslan Hül’s mother reacts sharply to Devin’s decision not to take the surname Soykan. Hyulia knew that Jihan went to Devin for a session, but Aslan did not know about it. Therefore, he forced his eldest son to explain the truth to Aslan. When Jihan drinks at the wedding, a fight breaks out. Shooting heard at this time marks the wedding. A man arriving by car shoots Eko in the chest, who is talking to Yagmur at the door.

Did you like the series?

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