The Reddit r/place pixel war event hosted by Reddit, one of the social media platforms, had a big impact last year. However, interest in the event seems to have waned this year. Because the event started just when users were protesting on Reddit.

Last year, tensions arose between the Twitch broadcaster Tuğkan “Elraenn” Gönültaş and the Canadian broadcaster xQc in our country, and the situation was discussed for several days. However, this year the publishers and users of our country remained indifferent to the event. On the other hand, due to Reddit’s actions against third-party apps and other reasons, many users have shown their reactions to Reddit CEO Steve Huffman. Everything you need to know about the 2023 Reddit r/Place Pixel War canvas, which is scheduled to take place every five years and is said to be done every year due to poor traffic👇

The 2023 Reddit Pixel War event, which began on July 20, will continue over the next week.

Although the scheduled closing date has been announced as July 25, according to The Independent, as we understood from the last event, the canvas has to grow and therefore the closing date may be delayed.

In this interesting Reddit event, users can add a pixel to the canvas every 5 minutes on certain days. The canvas opens initially blank and completely white. But when people add pixels, great images come out.

The goal of the game can be defined as filling a 2000×2000 virtual canvas with 4 million pixels with the participation of Internet users from all over the world. The rules of the Reddit game are pretty simple; users have five minutes to fill a pixel with one of the 32 available colors.

You don’t need a Reddit account to view the canvas. But you will need an account to create your own tile and view posts in detail. You can visit the r/Place page at the link to view previous posts or create your own post.

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How to put pixels in r/place canvas?

reddit place

You will need a Reddit account first, if you don’t have one then you need to create one. Then click on the link to go to the r/place subreddit. If you’re already on Reddit, click the little orange and white “P” at the top of the screen.

Then click on the “Place your pixel” field. Now use the mouse wheel to zoom in and drag with the left mouse button to move the piece. Once you find where you want to place your pixel, left-click there. Choose a color and click the checkbox. So you’ve placed a pixel.

You will then see a 5 minute countdown timer on your screen. Once this timer expires, you can place another pixel. And then you can place another one after another countdown.

How to use Place on iOS and Android devices?

reddit place

Adding your pixel to the r/place artboard from mobile devices is pretty easy. Follow the instructions below to join r/place on your mobile device👇

  • Download and install the Reddit app: Install the Reddit app on your iPhone or Android device through the app store.
  • Login to Reddit: You need a valid Reddit account to join r/place. Sign in with the Reddit app on your mobile device.
  • Enter p/place: Click the “P” logo on the main Reddit page, or go directly to the r/place subdirectory.
  • Place your pixel: After examining the canvas, decide where to place the tile. Zoom in to find a specific coordinate. A pixel-sized cursor will show where the pixel should be placed and the end user who placed the pixel there.
  • Choose your color: Click “Place Pixel” and choose the color you want.
  • Confirm placement: After choosing a color, click the checkmark to add your pixel to r/place.
  • Wait for your next move: Please note that you can only place one pixel every five minutes. Check your seat before confirming; otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the timer to reset before making any other changes.

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Reddit r/place 2023: The impact of Reddit Pixel War on internet culture

reddit place

Reddit r/place has had a profound effect on internet culture and continues to influence online communities. We can observe the effects from several main aspects 👇

  • Social solidarity and unity: r/place brings together people from various subreddits, communities and online forums, creating a unique sense of unity. Users; Working together to create intricate illustrations, flags, and logos fosters teamwork and camaraderie across the platform. This shows that despite being anonymous users from different walks of life, people can come together to achieve a common goal.
  • Artistic expression and creativity: The r/place canvas serves as a great playground for digital artists and enthusiasts. The limited pixel space forces users to create impressive and detailed works of art in a narrow space.
  • Cultural references and jokes: Popular Internet hats and jokes find their place on the canvas and reflect the current humor and trends of that period. This feature makes r/place the epitome of Internet culture during its short existence.

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  • Clanism and conflict: While r/place brought communities together, it also fueled competition and conflict. Different groups competed for control over certain areas of the canvas. This led to conflicts and territorial disputes.
  • Limited time: The ephemeral nature of r/place, the fact that the canvas only exists for a limited number of hours, makes it a unique experience. Users have a limited amount of time to contribute and protect their creations, adding a sense of urgency and evanescence to the overall event.
  • Social experiment and data analysis: Large-scale collaboration and coordination on r/place is of interest to researchers and data analysts. It provides a large dataset for studying human behavior, group dynamics, and social patterns on the Internet, leading to scholarly articles and discussions about virtual communities.
  • Nostalgia and lasting effect: Even after the event is over, r/place’s artwork and memories continue to resonate with attendees. It becomes a nostalgic reference point for those attending the event and reminds them of the Internet’s potential for creativity and collaboration.

Overall, r/place Reddit has left an indelible mark on internet culture, proving that the internet can be a powerful platform for bringing people together, showcasing collective creativity, and shaping a virtual world that reflects the common values ​​and interests of its users. This is an iconic event that illustrates the magic that can happen when millions of people come together in the digital space and leave their mark on the ever-changing fabric of the Internet.

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