Nuclear war or nuclear energy is dangerous and frightening enough to destroy all life on earth. However, it is also possible to use nuclear energy for good purposes. In recent days, US scientists have taken an important step in their work on fusion energy. For the first time in history, a “net gain in energy” was achieved in a fusion experiment. This development was met with great enthusiasm by scientists. So what is this fusion energy, what is its significance for humanity and the future? Here’s what you need to know about fusion energy, which is so important that it could change the history of energy and therefore the history of mankind.

Nuclear fusion roughly refers to the joining of two small atomic nuclei through nuclear reactions to form a larger atomic nucleus.

Thus, nuclear fusion is, in fact, a fusion reaction. In this respect, it is opposite to the energy of fission, in which two or more atomic nuclei are formed by the splitting of atomic nuclei. For example, fission energy is used in the atomic bomb. However, for a hydrogen bomb, it is necessary to use fusion energy, which releases much stronger energy than an atomic bomb. Because nuclear fusion releases much more energy than nuclear fission.

Scientists have been working on nuclear fusion for many years in the hope of obtaining clean and infinite energy.

Nuclear fusion processes are also behind the incredible energy of the Sun and other stars. In other words, being able to generate energy in the laboratory using nuclear fusion means having an incredibly large amount of energy. This is why scientists have been working on fusion energy for many years in the hope of creating both clean and unlimited energy.

Fusion projects often use the elements deuterium and tritium, both of which are isotopes of hydrogen.

nuclear fusion energy

Deuterium in a glass of water with tritium added can meet the annual energy requirement of an average home. A scientist named Julio Friedmann, who worked at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, which has done fusion research in the US in the past, said:Unlike coal, you only need a small amount of hydrogen. This is the most happening in the universe. Hydrogen is in water. Therefore, the substance that produces this energy is boundless and pure.” he uses.

After all, thanks to nuclear fusion, you can get an unlimited and clean source of energy. It is obvious that an unlimited and clean source of energy, which can be obtained using nuclear fusion processes, will make a great contribution to the development of human civilization.

The US Department of Energy announced that for the first time in history, a net energy gain was achieved in a fusion experiment.

nuclear fusion energy

Research into nuclear fusion energy management began in the 1930s. However, the net energy gain at the end of the fusion process was first realized in 2022. Julio Friedman describes this momentous event as “This is very important, because if you do not extract more energy than you spend, it cannot be a source of energy. Previous breakthroughs have been significant. But this is not the same as generating energy that can one day be used on a larger scale.” appreciated from his words.

In research up to this time, the energy used to initiate a nuclear fusion reaction was much higher than the energy gained from the reaction. Consequently, the energy of nuclear fusion cannot be used as an efficient source of energy. However, in a US study it was explained that the fusion reaction starts with less energy input and at the end of the reaction more energy is produced than is consumed.

Nuclear fusion could enable the generation of energy that would propel human civilization forward. However, much research needs to be done on this topic.

nuclear fusion energy

Yes, an energy gain was recently achieved for the first time in a fusion experiment, but this energy gain is not yet at the desired level. For this reason, many scientists argue that in order to change human history, it is necessary to use much more energy in nuclear fusion. It is argued that the energy of nuclear fusion, obtained in the course of a recent experiment, is only enough to power a few boilers.

In addition, more work needs to be done to use the energy produced by nuclear fusion for a longer period of time. In other words, this historic step towards energy production is only a harbinger of larger steps to be taken. On the other hand, research into fusion energy production is quite expensive. For this reason, according to many scientists, it is necessary to produce more energy, reduce the cost of production, and expand the commercial use of this energy in order for fusion energy to become widespread.

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