Founded in 1886, Hayfene continues to combine its years of experience with the production of delicious spices. Served with a wide variety of products, especially herbal teas, spices, vegetable oils, sauces, nuts and dried fruits. Together let’s get to know this brand and its values ​​that continue to be sold digitally and in retail. What is Haifen, what does it mean? Where is Haifen spice sold? Is Haifen sold in Migros and other markets? We have compiled the answers to your questions about the Haifen spice in this list.

What does Haifen mean?

You have probably wondered where the Hayfene brand name came from, which has fascinated for hundreds of years with its taste and variety of products. Let’s explain now! Haifen is the name of a game in Malatya in which children take food from neighboring houses and have a picnic. As a brand value, the Heifen family acts to gather people around food, offering healthy and delicious food like in this game, and make everyone experience the spirit and joy of Heifen unity.

Haifen spice whose?

One of the questions that consumers are most interested in is the question of who is the Haifen spice. The trading history of the Haifene family, which began in the 1500s, developed over the years in the Istanbul-Egypt-Malatya triangle. In 1886, the family’s great-grandfathers laid the foundations for today’s brand. In this adventure, which began with Haji Ali Efendi, the brand, which was first named after his grandfather and then became Cheapcular, has a long adventure ahead. Business representatives in the fifth generation have identified the trademark as Hayfene. brand managers; “Our work is a gift from our grandfathers, our name is a gift from our grandmother” Express your loyalty to the brand with your offers. You can click here to view and buy Haifen spice varieties.

Food is now much tastier with Hayfene blends.

Hayfene creates a feast of taste in both your salads and your main courses with its most popular products. Through years of experience and efforts, Hayfene is quite persistent in the category of spice mix products. Often used by those who know that the key to delicious food is choosing the right spices, Haifene seasoning makes delicious sauces as well as blends. Here are the brand’s most loved and best-selling star products👇

Top Selling Hayfene Products

Let’s introduce you to some of Hayfene’s favorite products, from cajun spices to smoked peppers. Here are the top selling products that will add flavor to your meals:

1. Cajun spice

Cajun, which we often encounter in American cuisine, is especially popular in fast food dishes. Another flavor that uses cajun spices, one of Hayfene’s best-selling spices, is crispy french fries. Cajun seasoning, which takes one of the most practical flavors, french fries, to a new level, can also be preferred in chicken, meat and fish dishes. On the other hand, you can add this magical spice to various sauces and soups at the cooking stage. You can click here to buy the product.

2. zachter for breakfast

As a traditional flavor, sachter may be preferred in simple olive oil breakfast sauces, breakfast spreads, and other foods. It is also used in some bread and lavash recipes, snacks and breakfast dishes unique to the Southeast Anatolia region. So, how to eat zachter for breakfast? Let’s answer right now! You can easily mix zachteri with olive oil for breakfast and enjoy it with crispy bread. If you want, you can serve separately oil and separately spices. As another flavor suggestion, you can create a different flavor by pouring sachter mixtures over cheese, olives, and tomatoes. You can click here to buy the product.

3. Seasoning for pasta and pizza

We can recommend the seasoning mentioned above as a condiment consisting of a mixture of spices such as mint, thyme, basil and red chilli, which can be used in pasta and pasta sauces in particular. Haifene spice, which is on the list of favorite foods, can be a great accompaniment to all kinds of pasta, lasagna and red sauces. It can also be added to sauces when making pizza at home. This delicious spice mix that can be sprinkled on pizza can be used to make marinara sauce on both homemade pizza and pizza served outside. You can click here to buy the product.

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4. Smoked sweet paprika

It can be said that smoked sweet red pepper, which is on the Hayfene star food list, is widely used in the food industry, especially in packaged foods and fast food. However, this product can double the flavor of the food you cook. Smoked bell peppers make a great pairing, especially with grilled vegetables, seafood, potato dishes, casseroles, roasted corn, grilled red and white meats, sauces and soups.

You can marinate meat, poultry and seafood in smoked sweet paprika and cook them on the grill. At the same time, adding this spice to recipes at the cooking stage, you can get both a good aroma and a pleasant smell. You can click here to buy the product.

5. Salad dressing

Let’s finish our list of Haifen spices with a salad spice. This delicious spice that you can use in all kinds of salads will please everyone. We remind you that it can be a great addition to sauces that you will prepare for fried bread. You can also try this spice, which is an indispensable seasoning, especially for cheese and green salads, in your yogurt salads. If you’d like to try vibrant flavors, we’d like to say that you can use salad dressing in your dishes.

Before using the spice, we recommend mixing it with olive oil and vinegar and waiting for a while. Especially for salads with a lot of greens, only vinegar, olive oil and salad spice mix will be enough. You can click here to buy the product.

Where is Haifen spice sold?

haifen spice

Institutions, families and individuals who care about healthy and quality products are among Hayfene’s loyal customers. Haifen; It draws attention as a strong spice brand that takes food quality and health as a principle and values ​​its brand and customers. So, in which markets is Haifen spice available? The brand, which aims to provide quality services to individuals and families, is sold in Migros, Macrocenter and Amazon in our country. Finally, below we have collected comments and ideas from Hayfene spice users for you. We would like to note that there are practically no negative reviews about the brand and its products, you can read the comments below. You can click here to view all brand products.

“Hot sauce is a brand that deserves all the praise.”

“Ordered two and were very pleased with both. their packaging is very good, their hot sauce is delicious.”

“Especially an institution that I consider very successful in blending spices and I think they attach great importance to both R&D and R&D processes. They are constantly updated, and they are constantly updated with monosodium glutamate, etc. in the market. They offer very successful and natural alternatives to mixed spices like maggi and vegeta with added chemicals. let them exist.”

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