There are many regions in the world that attract attention with their unusual features. However, some geographical formations manage to stand out among other wonderful regions by the secrets lurking in them and the oddities that they carry. Here is the island of El Ojo in Argentina, one of the places fraught with great mysteries and oddities. El Ojo means “eye” in Spanish. Because the island looks like a giant eye, especially when viewed from above. But not only this makes the island interesting. El Ojo is very different from other geographic structures in the region. Moreover, no one has the slightest idea of ​​when and how the island was formed! That is why the island is at the center of many interesting rumors and urban legends! Here’s what you need to know about Argentina’s enigmatic and strange “eye”, El Ojo Island…

El Ojo, which means “eye” in Spanish, is located in the delta between the cities of Zarate and Campana in the province of Buenos Aires.

The distance of the island from the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is approximately 60 kilometers and has many remarkable features. First, it is an almost perfectly round shape of the island. On the other hand, an island with a diameter of about 120 meters covers about 4/5 of the water body on which it is located. That’s why it looks like a giant eye, especially when viewed from above.

No one knows when and how the island was formed!

This is one of the biggest mysteries of the island. Although some scientists have tried to shed light on the island’s past, no success has been achieved so far.

Although the indigenous peoples living in this region have known about the existence of the island for many years, it only gained worldwide fame in 2016.

In 2016, a pilot who happened to be flying by took a picture of the interesting-looking island, and El Ojo became world famous.

El Ojo is very different from other landforms in its region.

Firstly, the reservoir on which the island is located is much colder and cleaner than other water sources in the region. However, the land surface of the island is much harder and more stable than the surrounding land surfaces! What causes these two interesting phenomena is unknown. But not all this makes the island truly interesting!

The island moves clockwise around its axis

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You can meet floating or floating islands in Turkey, USA, Singapore and many other countries. However, often the island rotates around its axis. Of course, it is also unknown why El Ojo rotates on its axis.

It’s not just the physical structure that makes the island interesting.

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Locals living in the area, for example, claim that their pets don’t want to come near the island! However, there are those who claim to have stumbled upon historical remains belonging to some human communities believed to have lived near the island many years ago. But some other stories told by locals suggest that the island can be as “scary” as it is mysterious and strange!

El Ojo is at the center of many of the region’s urban legends.

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According to some of these urban legends, El Ojo is not an island, but a secret base built by the Nazis years ago! Another interesting legend suggests that El Ojo is actually nothing but a UFO bunker! In addition to these interesting legends of the locals, the island of El Ojo is associated with many paranormal phenomena.

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