Netflix, one of the largest digital broadcasting platforms in the world, hosts dozens of content in a wide variety of genres. However, some Netflix products manage to stand out from others with their stories, acting, or production quality. Darkness, one of the most watched series on Netflix, has also become a series that has become very popular due to being able to stand out from its peers. Here, the creators of the quirky time-travel series The Dark once again revisit viewers with a brand new story full of mystery and suspense: 1899.

1899, brought to life by the creators of “Darkness” Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, met the audience on the screens of Netflix on November 17th. 1899, which aired in 8 episodes, takes place in a universe as dark, strange, mysterious and full of tension as Dark. The series invites viewers to an exciting adventure detective thriller with its never-ending pace! Here’s what you need to know about the new Netflix series 1899, which is already a contender for one of the year’s most watched movies…

“1899” deals with the history of passengers on board a ship sailing from Europe to New York, USA, at the end of the 19th century.

Passengers who started a new life at the end of the century with high hopes are drawn into adventures full of mystery and tension during this difficult journey. The fate of the Kerberos ship and its passengers changes when they encounter a lost ship called the Prometheus…

The structures, symbols and puzzles that emerge from an unexpected encounter are intertwined with the dark and mysterious past of the passengers!

Thus, the life of people who set off from the “old continent” with great hopes and new dreams is completely changed …

The exciting adventure of 1899 takes place in the vast ocean!

Masterfully exploiting the dark and suspenseful atmosphere of the time and place, 1899 becomes a visually pleasing production with a quality story and meticulous screenplay. On the other hand, the different and interesting filming techniques used in the series is one of the strengths of 1899.

On board the Kerberos ship are passengers from different parts of Europe.


This detail, which usually seems like an ordinary thing, becomes an extremely important element in 1899. Passengers on the ship convey their language and culture to the public. This wonderful element serves to put the strong atmosphere of the series on a solid footing.

1899 also attracts attention with its high pace.


Baran Bo Odar, co-creator of the series, said:We didn’t want to repeat ourselves. We knew we didn’t want to do a second Dark from 1899. 1899 has a crazy fast pace. The ship is in constant motion. It’s a journey and everyone on board is always on the move.he expresses.

Baran bo Odar sitting in the director’s chair 1899. The script for the series was written by Jantje Friese.


In the cast of the series there is a name known to us from Dark. Andreas Pietschmann gives life to the character Eik Larsen, Captain of Kerberos in 1899. British actress Emily Beecham, who has previously appeared in productions such as Little Joe and The Pursuit of Love, plays the role of Maura Franklin, who travels from the United Kingdom to the United States to practice her medical profession.

On the other hand, actors such as Aneurin Bernard, Lukas Ljunggaard Tonnessen, Mathilde Olivier, Rosalie Craig, Maciej Musial and Jonas Blocke are among the well-known names of 1899.

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