Due to the protracted economic crisis in our country, the most popular topic of recent years is undoubtedly the minimum wage. The size of the minimum wage directly and indirectly applies to the whole of Turkey. Millions of citizens are wondering what the minimum wage will be in the coming period. Studies to determine the size of the minimum wage in the new period are ongoing. The Minimum Wage Determination Commission is meeting today (June 18) at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to determine the temporary rate of increase. So what are the expectations and requirements? Let’s look at the details together.

The Minimum Wage Commission, made up of workers, employers and government representatives, will meet today for the second time at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The meeting will discuss how much the minimum wage will increase in July and how much the minimum wage will be in the new period.

At the previous meeting of the commission, it was announced that an agreement is expected to be reached on a temporary increase in the rate to Eid al-Adha.

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For this reason, it is expected that a decision on a temporary increase in the minimum wage will be made after today’s commission meeting. It is stated that if an agreement is reached on an interim rate hike, the new amount will be announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the coming days. Well, and at what pace will the minimum wage, which is closely connected with the whole of Turkey, increase? How are the expectations?

At today’s commission meeting, workers’ and employers’ representatives will discuss a temporary increase in minimum wage expectations.

TÜRK-İŞ, who will take part in the meeting as a workers’ representative, will inform the commission about his expectations regarding the new minimum wage. Similarly, TİSK, representing the employer wing, will also reveal its expectations. The government wing, on the other hand, will be at the table with field data from recent months.

The TİSK employer’s representative requires that the interim increase be equal to the 6-month inflation rate.

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At the same time, it is stated that the minimum wage will rise to the level of 10,100-10,400 Turkish liras. On the other hand, according to the news in various press organizations, this is not the only expectation of TİSK. TİSK is requesting government support of 6 percent of the increased amount to reduce the employer’s minimum wage costs. TİSK officials say they are willing to compromise on a 30 percent increase in the minimum wage if that support is given.

Before the first meeting, which took place on June 13, Minister of Labor and Social Protection Vedat Bilgin said that the purchasing power of the minimum wage should be raised to $500.

However, the recent appreciation of the exchange rate has caused the “$500” formula to be shelved. Vice President Cevdet Yilmaz, recently “The dollar is not standing still. We need to talk to TL.he made a statement.

A TÜRK-İŞ workers’ spokesman says the new minimum wage should be “a figure worthy of the Turkish century.”

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It is alleged that TÜRK-İŞ will sit down at the negotiating table with data from its research on the hunger and poverty line. Accordingly, the intermediate expectation of the employees’ representative is at the level of 37 percent.

In other words, TÜRK-İŞ demands that the minimum wage in the new period be increased to 11,800 Turkish liras. In other words, there is a difference of approximately 2000 TL between the expectations of workers and employers regarding the new minimum wage.

According to information on the sidelines, a 30 percent increase in the minimum wage will be made.

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The workers’ representative says the rate of increase should be adjusted to the current economic situation, while the employers’ section favors a “balanced” level of increase. In this direction, it is said that the ruling wing will offer a temporary 30 percent increase in order to reconcile the two sides. In the event of an interim increase in the minimum wage by 30 percent, wages in the new period will rise to the level of 11,050 Turkish lira.

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