New generation hardware is being sold like many desktop computer components. New generation hardware used for laptops usually meets its users after this stage.

Since it has been called a gaming computer in recent years, the first devices that came to mind were desktop computers due to their vast superiority. However, today laptops can become the favorites of gamers because they have their own huge advantages. In short, the idea that laptops can’t be used for AAA gaming is no longer true.

Because modern laptop components and designs allow for sensational gaming experiences on PCs that fit almost any budget. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 mobile GPU series has also started the countdown to its release to prove it to us.

Although now the situation has somewhat returned on a global scale due to the shortage and very high prices of video cards for more than a year now; We have only one option left. Pretty much the only way to get an RTX 20 or RTX 30 series computer at a reasonable price compared to the likes; is that you choose a laptop with one of the mobile versions of these video cards.

Even if it gives slightly less performance than new generation desktops; It will also provide a revolutionary performance boost over its predecessors. However, thanks to the innovations offered by the NVIDIA platform, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 Mobile seems to be aiming for 100% performance.

Apart from all this; There are also many users who have questions about where and when this series will be released and what we can expect from the Nvidia GeForce RTX 40, so we start answering questions as soon as possible.

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When will the Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 be released?

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 is expected to launch on Tuesday, January 3rd at 8pm in Turkey when CES 2023, the first major tech event of the new year, takes place. In this case, these are Intel Raptor Lake-H chipsets; In other words, given that it coincides with the announcement of its new mobile processors, the situation becomes even more interesting. So in a few hours, we will see the launch of new generation mobile processors and video cards one after another.

Which GeForce RTX 40 mobile models will NVIDIA be showing at CES 2023?

Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 3

As Wccftech explains based on the documentation, the following models of the RTX 40 mobile series will be presented with the following specifications:

  • RTX 4080 Ti or 4090 Mobile (GN21-X11) with 16GB RAM
  • Mobile RTX 4080 (GN21-X9) with 12GB RAM
  • Mobile RTX 4070 (GN21-X6) with 8GB RAM
  • Mobile RTX 4060 (GN21-X4) with 8GB RAM
  • Mobile RTX 4050 (GN21-X2) with 6GB RAM

Together with these five models, the GeForce RTX 3050 with 6 GB of RAM will also be announced.

How will the GeForce RTX 40 Mobile behave?

Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 2

To be honest, it’s too early to draw any final conclusions on this, as we only have leaked information from NVIDIA at the moment. However, this information allows us to compare the performance of the RTX 40 Mobile (and the new 6GB RTX 3050) with the RTX 30 mobile series. However, based on the data in question; The performance improvement seems quite obvious.

When we make some comparisons based on the data in question; We see that the top line (which is not yet clear whether it will be called RTX 4080 Ti Mobile or 4090 Mobile) is 30% more powerful than the previous generation. We see the same performance increase between the RTX 3080 Mobile and RTX 4080 Mobile, which are the flagships of the previous generation.

The difference between RTX 4070 Mobile and RTX 3070 Mobile is even more pronounced, up to 46%. The performance difference between RTX 4060 Mobile and RTX 3060 Mobile is also 30%. Finally, the gap between RTX 4050 Mobile and RTX 3050 Mobile is 50%.

When will the first GeForce RTX 40 Mobile laptops be released?

Nvidia GeForce RTX 40

To be honest, there is no official statement about this yet. However, the general opinion; is that the first models will be released after the announcement of certain models and immediately after the appearance of RTX 40 Mobility and Intel Raptor Lake-H. Therefore, it can be predicted that the first models will appear on the market no earlier than a few weeks after the CES 2023 event, that is, from the end of January 2023 to the beginning of February 2023.

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