It breeds quickly in humid environments and can survive just about anywhere… Right now, it might even be in your home. I think you understand that we are talking about mold. Mold is a type of fungus that spreads through tiny particles that travel through the air. These mushrooms are similar to plant seeds, but much smaller. Sometimes it can move long distances undetected, clinging to clothes or animal hair. They can even survive in some harsh environments. Finally, when they land in a place where there is enough water, food and oxygen, they begin to grow. Mold has many colors, and each color represents a specific type of mold. Outdoors, red or orange mold is common. The pink variety is found in shampoos and soap residue. Black and green mold are the types you may encounter most often in your home. Unlike plants, which photosynthesize, mold grows on materials that it can digest. There are over 100,000 different types of mold in the world, and not all of them are bad for you. In this article, we will talk about what happens if you eat mold.

You took a bite out of a sandwich and saw that mold had appeared on a small piece of bread.

But only a small part is infected, you think maybe I can cut it out, but unfortunately not. You just see little green spots on the surface. However, there is much more of the part that we cannot see.

There are chances that you may have eaten mold before without realizing it due to such surprises.


Form; It grows easily in soft porous foods such as bread, fruits and vegetables. So a small amount of food is fine, as long as you digest it like any normal food. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, it’s probably because the mold has a slightly odd taste. So don’t worry, a small amount of mold is not harmful to your health. If your bread is moldy, don’t risk your health by throwing it away. Mold loves fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, cucumbers, peaches, and tomatoes because it penetrates softer foods more easily. It is also found in foods such as cooked leftovers, casseroles, cereal, pasta, feta, cream cheese, and yogurt.

If you find yourself ingesting a small piece of mold, don’t worry. However, although rare, certain types of mold can cause dangerous symptoms.

In this case, your symptoms may vary depending on the type of mold. Call your doctor right away if you experience symptoms such as sudden shortness of breath, nausea, fever, or diarrhea.

If your cheese is moldy, don’t cut off that part and eat the rest!


Actually, it depends a bit on the type of cheese. If it’s a soft cheese, you should throw it away. However, if it is hard, you should carefully cut off the affected part with a knife, without touching the mold. The rest of the cheese is still edible.

So how can you prevent the spread of mold?

Store food in a plastic container in the refrigerator. Store perishable foods in airtight containers. Keep an eye on what you store in the refrigerator, leftover food should remain in the refrigerator for no more than 3-4 days. Keep your refrigerator clean. Use only clean kitchen rags, towels and sponges. If you notice a musty smell, you need to take immediate action.

What to do if mold is spreading in damp areas of your home?

As mold grows, its spores and particles become airborne in your home. Depending on how sensitive you are, it may be difficult for you to breathe. Because mold destroys the materials in your home very slowly.

What if he touched your hand while trying to clean the mold?

Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap first. Clean thoroughly between and behind your fingers. Also, don’t forget to apply soap under your nails. If you can’t get to some parts, use a toothpick. Then wipe your hands with a strong disinfectant. The last step is to wash your hands under running water with liquid soap. Again, don’t forget between your fingers and under your nails. Don’t touch your face until your hand is completely clean! Also immediately remove and wash any clothing that has been moldy.

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