Social networks are becoming increasingly important in human life. The time people spend on social media is increasing every day. For this reason, social networks and many things related to social networks have a greater impact on human life, both physically and psychologically. Social media can indeed be a major source of stress, especially if you feel anxious or guilty about what you do on social media. “Stalking” or “stalking”, which means secretly tracking, studying and spying on any person on social media, can also cause serious problems and problems from time to time.

Especially when you’ve been caught by the person you’re chasing! Randomly liking a photo of a person being stalked can lead to very stressful days. Because it can be tricky to explain to an old friend, ex-lover, or someone you just met why you love their photo in 2012!

But you don’t have to worry too much if you get caught stalking someone on social media. Because stalking isn’t as embarrassing or stressful as you might think at this time. There are also several methods you can use to deal with the situation when you are “caught stalking”. Let’s look at the details together…

These days, stalking has become commonplace and almost everyone is stalking someone else on social media!

Because humans are inherently curious beings, and this sense of curiosity is at the heart of social media stalking. For this reason, many social media users secretly follow someone else and view their posts.

However, many social media users allow “everyone” to view their posts. In other words, the posts are not open to a specific target audience or just “friends”. For this reason, you do not actually violate a person’s privacy during stalking.

Accordingly, stalking someone on social media is very different from stalking someone in real life. So you don’t have to worry and feel guilty about it. Besides, getting caught isn’t as bad as you think. After all, you accidentally liked a photo on social networks …

Secretly following someone on social media is often about you and not the person you follow.

Experts say that people who feel uncomfortable with harassment should ask themselves a few questions. For example: “Why am I looking at the profile of a person I haven’t seen in a long time, or at my ex-boyfriend, with whom I broke up badly, why am I looking at him now?” as. Some experts believe that persecution is due to some gaps or feelings that the person has not filled in their lives. So this persecution is mainly about the person himself, not the person who is being followed.

This is why stalking someone can help you notice that something is wrong in your life and take action accordingly. It really doesn’t matter if the person you’re chasing accidentally catches you, as long as it helps you in such an important matter. So you don’t have to worry when you get caught stalking.

You are less likely to be caught stalking someone on social media than you think


What gives out a subscriber in private subscriptions is that they accidentally liked another person’s photo. However, you have a chance to quickly return this like. If the person you follow isn’t waiting with their phone in hand just when you happen to like a photo, you have nothing to worry about!

However, if you are really worried about getting caught by this person even if you get your like back and you are afraid that the other party will see your like, you can block this person on social media or delete your account completely. So you take all the necessary precautions to avoid getting caught.

If you think you’ve been caught stalking someone and are therefore seriously concerned, talking to that person can help reduce your anxiety.


So far, we’ve mentioned that it’s unlikely that you’ll get caught following someone on social media, but even if you do get caught, it doesn’t really matter. However, if the person you’re chasing notices you and really bothers you, talk to them. Explain why you are doing this and you will see your anxiety begin to subside…

If you’re afraid of getting caught, cut back on the time you spend on social media.


To do this, you can devote more time to your hobbies. However, you can appreciate the moments when you feel the need to use social media while exercising or meditating…

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