Birthstones are usually gemstones that represent the month or zodiac sign of a person’s birth. The stones that are very famous today actually have a long history. The first-century historian Josephus believed that the twelve stones found on the breastplate worn by Aaron, the brother of the prophet Moses, represented the twelve moons. In the eighth and ninth centuries, people associated the twelve apostles of Jesus with twelve precious stones and carried a new stone every month.

On the other hand, the National Jewelers Association of America recognized these stones as “birth stones” in 1912. So which stone symbolizes what? Let’s take a look at the entire list together.

January | Carbuncle

A birthstone for those born in January, garnet is often associated with red, but this beautiful stone can be found in just about any color. There are also many decoration options.

Throughout history, the garnet has been considered protective. Therefore, in ancient times, it was quite often used by warriors and royal families. The pomegranate, which is also known as pomegranate in some places, also symbolizes love, heart, and blood due to its red color. Don’t be afraid when you say “blood” because the pomegranate represents the life force of the blood and is believed to prevent bleeding.

February | Amethyst


Amethyst is a crystalline quartz that ranges in color from pale lilac to dark reddish purple. It is highly scratch resistant due to its hardness level 7. Amethyst, the birthstone of those born in February, can be easily found both in its raw form and in gemstone form.

Purple has historically been associated with royalty as it is scarce and expensive. That is why in ancient times amethysts were used by the ruling class. Currently, this beautiful stone is characterized by spirituality, mental clarity and healing. Amethysts, also considered protective, are used to heal the body, mind and spirit.

March | Aquamarine


Aquamarine, named after the color of sea water, is the birthstone of March. Since it is found almost everywhere in the world, there are also many varieties of raw stone or jewelry.

The name “Aquamarine” in Latin means “sea water”. Considered the treasure of mermaids, this stone is believed to protect sailors. Some also associate aquamarines with a happy marriage and giftedness. It also symbolizes happiness, peace and eternal youth.

15 facts about aquamarine, the birthstone of March

April | Diamond


Diamond is one of the most loved gemstones in the world. They are highly regarded for their classic beauty and clarity. Diamond rings are a status symbol all over the world.

Because they are so hard and beautiful, diamonds often symbolize strong and everlasting love. Associated with fidelity, love, purity and innocence, these gems are also believed to purify the aura. It is for this reason that diamonds are so widely used in engagement and engagement rings.

May | Emerald


Emerald has long been eye-catching with its green color. A beautiful emerald is a truly breathtaking sight. Ranked among the traditional “Big Four” stones along with the diamond, ruby ​​and sapphire, this stone is often used as a piece of jewelry.

Wearing an emerald is believed to endow the wearer with superior intelligence and the ability to think objectively. It also opens the heart chakra and calms the emotions. It gives inspiration, balance, wisdom and patience. It is said to promote friendship, peace, harmony and marital happiness, allowing the wearer to give and receive unconditional love.

June | pearl, alexandrite


Good news for those born in June, you have 2 birthstones! The first of these stones is pearls, these beautiful pearls from the sea are the only precious stones extracted from a living being! Your second stone is alexandrite, which you may not have heard of before. Described as “emerald by day, ruby ​​by night,” alexandrite appears green in the sun and red in incandescent light. However, this stone is so rare and expensive that it is almost impossible to find it.

Pearl symbolizes honesty, purity and wisdom. In some cultures, pearls are considered to be the tears of heaven. Ancient Chinese teachings say that pearls represent strength and are worn by dragons. Alexandrite was first discovered in Russia in the early 19th century and named after Tsar II. He received it from Alexander. Alexandrite develops intelligence and brings good luck.

July | Ruby

Ruby, the most commonly used stone in traditional jewelry, is the stone of those born in July. This extremely durable stone is only available in red. Quality rubies can reach record prices in excess of $1,000,000.

In ancient times, rubies were believed to be closely associated with the human body, and warriors preferred them. Rubies also represent love, health, knowledge and wealth and are believed to calm anger.

August | peridot

The August stone, peridot, has been prized as a gemstone since ancient times. It is always green, but there are significant differences between the stones.

Peridots protect their users throughout the night. The reason for this is that there is an ancient connection between the living appearance of the stone and the sun. It is believed that if you keep the stone close at night, at night it drives away evil spirits. It is also considered a remedy that heals and strengthens resistance.

September | Sapphire

Sapphire, an extraordinary stone of pure blue color and excellent durability, is the birthstone of September. Contrary to popular belief, not all sapphires are blue and can come in a variety of colors.

Sapphire is a stone of wisdom, increases creativity, maintains purity and depth of thought. It can protect the user from physical harm, bad intentions and jealousy. Blue sapphire is considered a spiritual stone as it is worn by priests.

October | Opal, Tourmaline

Born in October, you also have two stones! Opals, your first stone, are very unique and very easy to find. These stones, which give the impression that they carry a rainbow, are a little sensitive. Although your second stone is a single color, a dazzling tourmaline of different colors!

Opals are associated with light and magic. For this reason, some believe that this stone has healing properties, especially for the eyes. Tourmalines, your second stone, are believed to have healing and stress-relieving properties. Tourmalines are also preferred by artists and writers as they enhance creativity.

november | Citrine

Citrine is a type of crystalline quartz that can be yellow, red, or orange. Citrine, the birthstone for November, tends to be closer to earthy tones.

Citrine, a cousin of amethyst, also belongs to the quartz family. Citrine is predominantly associated with healing and happiness. It is believed that if you have stomach pains, insomnia, or are just stressed out, these stones will help you get rid of troubles.

December | Blue topaz, tanzanite, blue zircon

So we come to those who were born in December… Maybe you can be the luckiest one on this list, because you have exactly three natural stones! The first of these stones, a beautiful blue topaz, is usually colorless or pale blue due to the soil. Then the stones, which have undergone a two-stage thermal and radiation treatment, acquire the same deep blue color that we are familiar with. As the name suggests, tanzanite, found in Tanzania, takes on intense blue and purple hues when heat-treated. Your last stone is blue zircon. Zircon is a natural and gorgeous gemstone that has been worn and prized since ancient times. Although zircons are found in many places, blue zircons are the most valuable.

Topaz has been associated with wealth for centuries. It is believed that this stone, usually yellow in color, also has the mystical ability to attract gold. Some believe that tanzanite opens the mind, intuition and perception. It is believed that the color blue calms the wearer. Blue zircons are associated with serenity and purity.

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