The earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmaras on February 6, 2023 shocked both Turkey and the whole world. After the earthquake, which went down in history as one of the tremors that caused the greatest human casualties over the past year, thousands of our citizens died and the same number were injured. While we wait for good news from the search and rescue teams, we need to learn a little about this natural disaster. The little things you can do during an earthquake can sometimes save your life. In this article, we will share with you a few things that you can do during a concussion, let’s look at them together.

get ready

It is difficult to predict exactly when an earthquake will occur, but just in case, you need to be prepared. Seismologist, seismologist Dr. “If you are in an area with frequent earthquakes, it is good to have an emergency kit at home,” says Stephen Hicks. This emergency kit should contain water, a flashlight, batteries, a first aid kit, and food. If possible, you should keep your radio, cash, information about your health, including medications you take regularly, and your personal documents in this bag.

If it’s safe, stay where you were hit.


According to the USGS, you are less likely to get injured if you stay where you are during an earthquake. Although it is scary, it is better not to run outside during an earthquake. Studies show that most concussion victims move around the building or try to get out.

Experts say that these three words should always be in your head: “Roll up, snatch, hold”.

AFAD’s own website says:

Find a safe place, Kneel to protect your head and neck, KEEP in a stable place to avoid falling. Don’t run for stairs or exits. Don’t go out to the balcony. Do not jump from balconies and windows. It is strictly forbidden to use the elevator. In a classroom or office at school, there is a solid desk, under the table or next to it; In the corridor, the head and neck must be protected with a CUT-FIRE-HOLD movement to form a life triangle next to the wall.

Experts do not recommend hiding behind a door during an earthquake, as the doors in old houses cannot withstand the load. Also, you should definitely stay away from these areas, as windows and windows are the first places to break when shaken.

If it’s safe, go outside.


After the shaking is over, it’s best to go outside in case the building gets damaged. Before this article, we have always talked about what you should do if you are inside an earthquake, now let’s tell you what you can do if you are outside during an earthquake.

“Stay wherever you are.” experts say. You must stay away from buildings, electrical cables, funnels, fuel and gas lines and pipes, as these can become dangerous during an earthquake. It will be safer to wait in an open area, as there are trees and telephone poles around.

However, during periods of difficult weather conditions, such as the earthquake in Kahramanmaras, shelters should be installed outside or safe indoor areas should be determined in advance.

Stay away from danger


The Earthquake Country Alliance, an American earthquake management organization, explains that most deaths and injuries are caused by the movement and ejection of loose objects.

If you are inside the house, these items can usually be TVs, lamps, or bookshelves. These items and furniture must be secured to the wall to prevent injury in the event of a jolt.

If you are outdoors, gas or other toxic substances leaking from impact-damaged pipes can cause injury. For this reason, you should definitely stay away from pipes.

After the great catastrophe: what are the misconceptions about earthquakes?

Experts estimated the earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7: the power of the atomic bomb is 130!

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