You may not have heard of a French pharmacist, physician and astrologer named Michel de Nostrdames. Because almost all of humanity knows him as “the prophet Nostradamus.” The famous soothsayer, who lived between 1503 and 1566, is known for extremely interesting prophecies in his book Les Prophéties, published in 1555 and consisting of about 1000 quatrains. That is why for hundreds of years this name remains the first thing that comes to mind for millions of people when it comes to “prophecies.”

Some argue that the famous prophet knew hundreds of years ago of everything from the rise of Hitler to the fall of Napoleon to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. There are even those who claim that Nostradamus predicted the Covid-19 pandemic! Some strict followers of Nostradamus believe that most of the prophecies of the famous oracle have come true. Of course, there are many who think that Nostradamus is more than a cunning swindler. So who was Nostradamus really? Is this a “special” person or a charlatan who predicts events that will happen hundreds of years from now? Before answering this question, it may be helpful to look at the interesting life of Nostradamus and what he knows in 2022 and what he predicts for 2023…

Born in France named Michel de Nostradamus, the oracle has long been interested in pharmacy.

Known as an itinerant pharmacist, Nostradamus made a name for himself with a drug he claimed “protected people from the plague” while still alive. However, in the mid-1500s, Nostradamus decided to first change his profession, and then his name …

“Nostradamus, who began to claim that he was reporting news from the future, changed his name to Nostradamus. In 1550, thanks to the growing printing activity, he began to circulate both his prophecies and texts in which he “proclaimed his prophecy”. At a time when Europe was socially unsettled, Nostradamus, who managed to attract attention with his interesting prophecies, in a short time gained a large number of followers.

In 1555 he published his famous book Les Prophéties.

In the book, he talked about what will happen in the future, in about 1000 quatrains. However, despite the strict followers of Nostradamus, there were those who claimed that he was a charlatan during his lifetime. The first text suggesting that Nostradamus’ prophecies were rubbish and that he himself was a “brainless fool” was written in 1558, just a few years after the Prophecies. Opposite, Queen of France Catherine de Medici, King Nostradamus II. He claimed to have known about Henry’s death! Thus, Nostradamus became more and more famous throughout Europe …

Nostradamus correctly predicted his own death in 1566!

This assumption was quite tricky though! Because before his last prophecy, the famous soothsayer suffered from a serious illness. He almost died. Thus, one could make this obvious assumption even if he was not associated with an oracle. However, this “guessing tactic” was one of the most common ploys of Nostradamus. The famous oracle predicted almost inevitable events in just a few days, thereby easily increasing the number of his prophecies that came true. But the prophecies of the famous oracle were not limited to just a few days …

Many people claim that some of the prophecies of Nostradamus came true in 2022.

The most interesting of them is Queen II. Claims to know about Elizabeth’s death. Shortly before the Queen’s death, a book titled Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies of the Future became popular in England. The book contained the prophecies and comments of Nostradamus. In a prophecy supposedly spoken at the end of 2022, Nostradamus announced that “the place of the old ruler in England will be taken by a man who does not expect to become king …

Nostradamus also had unfulfilled prophecies about 2022!


A French soothsayer wrote back in 2022 that he “sees fire falling from the sky.” This prophecy of Nostradamus was about a giant meteorite that would fall to Earth by some people…

What prophecies did Nostradamus make for 2023?

The debate about whether Nostradamus was a charlatan or a predictor of the future has been going on for a long time. But everyone agrees that his “prophecies” are extremely interesting and at times frightening!

For example, Nostradamus predicts great economic destruction worldwide in 2023! He says that hundreds of years ago “honey would have been much more expensive than candles” and “wheat would have been very expensive.” However, Nostradamus also suggests that “cannibalism” will become commonplace in 2023!

Nostradamus speaks of a great war in one of his most powerful 2023 prophecies!


Moreover, Nostradamus claims that because of the war in Europe there will be an “apocalypse”. According to some, the ongoing Ukrainian-Russian war in Europe could turn into a small or big doomsday in 2023! For this reason, many of his followers think that this prophecy of Nostradamus may come true in the coming period. However, Nostradamus declares 2023 “the year of political divisions, unrest and social crises”!

It is not easy to find something touching among the prophecies of Nostradamus for 2023!


The French prophet predicts that in 2023 there will also be a disaster on Mars! Moreover, according to Nostradamus, Mars is not the only planet that will have a hard time in 2023. According to the famous oracle, the world will face extreme natural phenomena. “The land will become even drier, when a rainbow appears in the sky, there will be terrible floods!”

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