How much attention do you pay to underwear? Or do you think that “no one sees it anyway”? Essentially, underwear is the first layer of clothing and can influence your everyday combinations. Moreover, these are important details that can affect not only your appearance, but also your comfort. Despite this, many people do not consider their body type when choosing underwear. So, what kind of underwear to choose according to the type of figure?

Now let’s talk about the types of underwear.

1. Briefly

Short panties are the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to panties. They are also sometimes referred to as “granny panties”. This is the most preferred underwear as it is comfortable and has a high waist.

2. Bikini


No, when we say bikini, we are not talking about wearing it to the sea. This type of underwear is very popular, although not as much as briefs. Since their waist is lower compared to short panties, they don’t show much of the curves of the body.

3. Boyshort


Boyshorts, as the name suggests, are very similar to the short underwear preferred by men. There are models with both high and low waist, and the legs are usually wider than other models. Especially the high waist is very comfortable.

4. Scoop bikini


We can say that this underwear is a mixture of panties and bikinis. scoop bikini; This is higher than regular bikinis and lower than panties. The back is straight, neither wide nor deep. Usually it does not cover the stomach.

5. Thong


When you think of thongs, if you think of thin fabric and only panties on the back, you are wrong! There are many types of thongs. The thongs we’re talking about here show a little more skin than underwear. Like the Scoop bikini, it exposes the hips. Especially seamless thongs are very comfortable.

6. High waist panties


High waist panties are known for their comfort. As the name suggests, they easily cover the stomach, as they have a high waist.

7. Control brief

Control briefs usually reach the waist or above. Some models can even reach the bottom of the bra. To create an hourglass body effect, control short underwear is preferred.

8. Thong

The front of these panties is shaped like a wide triangle. The back is slightly thicker than the rope. These models, located exactly between thongs and microthongs, almost never cover the hips.

9. Micro thong

Here we come to the model that comes to mind when it comes to thongs. The back of these panties is very thin. It works best on clothes where you usually don’t want panty lines to show.

10. Brazilian

The Brazilian style thong is the thinnest plunging underwear. The back is exactly like a tie, so it does not cover the hips at all.

The right underwear for your body type

Now that we have a brief look at the models of panties, let’s choose together the models that are suitable for your body type.

1. Wide chest

Regardless of your body type, your chest can be wide. In this case, it is best to choose underwear with a high waist. Briefs are the perfect choice for this body type!

2. Inverted triangle body type

If you have broad shoulders but narrow hips, you most likely have an inverted triangle body type. Bucket underwear is the best and most comfortable choice for this figure.

3. Round physique

If you have a round figure, high-waisted panties are the best option for you! Only choose models that don’t have much fabric on the back if you’re wearing tight fitting clothes. Otherwise, it may collect under clothing.

4. Hourglass body type

Hourglass body types can easily prefer cutout panties. If you have a wide waist, high-waisted underwear will suit you. However, as we mentioned above, you can opt for lingerie that doesn’t have as much fabric on the back so there won’t be any puckering under the clothes.

5. Rectangular physique

Rectangular bodies can easily wear almost any underwear. However, you may prefer lower cuts like a bikini in private. While it’s not a big deal, you may want to avoid underpants, as they can be obvious from the inside when you’re wearing tight-fitting clothing.

6. Triangular type of figure

If you have a thin waist and wide hips, you most likely have a triangular or pear-shaped body type. The best underwear for you is the one that accentuates the natural curves of your body. Thong for you!

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